An IMPORTANT NOTICE at the end of this data sheet addresses availability, warranty, .. and is a step-down replacement for the 5-V DS90C Quad Driver. The DS90C is a quad CMOS differential line driver de- signed for applications requiring ultra low power dissipation and high data rates The device is. DS90C datasheet, DS90C pdf, DS90C data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, National Semiconductor, LVDS Quad CMOS Differential Line Driver.

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Please mention our ref. Service Provider will have to give list of qualified engineers, their experience and certification details along with their technical proposal. SAC may need to reformat some of the machine and AV solution is required to be reinstalled.

Datasheet archive on 17-9-2010

The metric system of measurement shall be used exclusively in this contract. Tenders offering firm prices will be preferred. The inventory will be updated every quarter. Acceptance Test will be carried out by SAC after installation and data migration from existing version to new version. Supply Voltage Rejection In Figure 6, Rt1 terminates the datasheef when D1 is driving, and Rt2 terminates the signal ds90031 D2 is driving.

Failure to comply with this requirement shall make the Contractor liable for additional expenses involved to identity the shipments.

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Prices should not be indicated in this cover. The Contractor shall however be responsible for notifying, to the Purchaser or the insurers nominated by the Purchaser, the complete details of the proposed shipments including the value of each shipment and other relevant data, immediately after shipment to enable the Purchaser or the insurers to arrange for the issuance of the insurance policy, if required.

VR Environmental Test Equipment: Confirm whether you will be able to provide samples if called for, free of cost. Annexure-IV gives detailed configuration for the computer systems to be covered under this contract.


If required, orders for supply and installation can be issued separately. Only such engineers who are cleared by SAC and are mentioned in the list of engineers submitted as per point no.

Please indicate your Tax Registration Number. The Service Provider will employ sufficient number of service engineers at SAC to give prompt service and honour the call response time commitment required under this CMSC. Reference to Import Licence No. As a proof this, bidder has to submit at least 2 PO copies confirming this along with their technical proposal itself.

Provision for photographic attachment for recording of visual defects shall be available. Delivery must be completed within the details specified therein. Follow the standard terms and conditions of SAC. The DS90C and companionpoint-to-point interface applications. Typically this is between 1 2CX2 and is matched to the actual cable.

【DS90C31】DS90C31【NSC】DS90C31【NS】HKinventory – 에서 스톡 공급자【가격】【Datasheet PDF】

Only trained and experienced operators shall carry out the screening. With each batch of component the time required for Screening would be specified. A copy of dx90c031 Price Bid i. The datashest respond only to differential voltages. The Contractor, on receipt of such notification shall either ds90031 or replace the defective stores free of cost to the Purchaser.

It shall be arranged by Contractor. Price part prepared as above shall be enveloped and superscribed as follows: Vendor should quote for minimum 1 year of warranty from the OEM. Similarly, if the Purchaser has or makes any claim, whether liquidated or not against the Contractor under any other contract with the Purchaser the payment of all money payable under the contract to the Contractor including the security deposit shall be with-held till such claims of the Purchaser are finally adjudicated upon and paid by the Contractor.


Country of origin — to be declared in the invoice. Later only testing cost is applicable. Upgrading the versions from time to time during AMC and Warranty as applicable. The Contractor shall, however, not be entitled to any gain due to such an action by the Purchaser.

Should carry out detailed analysis in case of any threat. This method pro- vides additional common mode termination. TrendMicro should support them. The testing shall be done with IC tester Semiconductor Tester capable of performing the complete tests.

Under the above condi- tions, the driver can drive a twp twisted pair wire over 10m at speeds in excess of The Contractor will be held responsible for the stores being sufficiently and properly packed for transport by rail, road, sea or air, to withstand transit hazards and ensure safe arrival at the destination. Warranty and AMC a. The bus loading effects of the device is of minor concern.

Lot Travelers History sheets have to be maintained for all the operation for each component batch.

This can be accomplished by using balanced cables, shielding from noise sources and closely-coupled dif- ferential traces on PCBs. The Contractor shall provide copies of the tests certificates to the Purchaser as may be required. The vendor shall generate the test document including details of tests, test conditions and equipment to be used for each component. Netcore eMail solution is being implemented at Datawheet. Biding Model Two Part Tender 8. The components shall be handled, tested and stored in a ds9c031 free and controlled humidity, ESD safe area throughout their dwell time at the contractors end; from their receipt up to their delivery back to SAC.