Since you are reading this, you are probably considering to build your own Dobsonian telescope. This page provides detailed plans and instructions how to . Plans for a homemade Dobsonian telescope. Since you are reading this, you are probably considering to build your own Dobsonian telescope. Homemade Inch Dobsonian Telescope: How to build a inch closed tube Dobsonian telescope. I began building it in the spring of , but the bulk of.

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A closeup look at the bolts and threaded plates for attaching the secondary cage to the trusses. I have kept as close to this design as possible: This line enables us to draw the altitude bearing cutout, and later, to align the mount on top of the altitude bearing.

The mm will be cheaper and lighter, but the mm gathers more light and will show more deep sky objects.

A router with a compass would be perfect for this job, but it can easily be done with a jigsaw too. Telesvope main goal was to make astronomical observations affordable to anybody, by using this cheap, easy to make telescope.

If the telescope rotates forward or backward on its own, then the mirror box is too deep or too shallow. Once your telescope is assembled, drape telezcope woven velveteen around the truss assembly, clipping it with safety pins.

The base of the telescope should be a wide, sturdy square or telescoep of wood with teflon bearing pads matched to the ABS plastic ring of the rocker box. For this telescope, you need a PVC drain tube. To avoid rework and scrap, please proceed in the order we present the plans.


Welcome to the Make: The box should be deep enough to allow the mirror box to swing all the way down. Use toothpicks to ensure there is enough space between the mirror and the holder.

Build a Dobsonian Telescope

Also, check my Sources page for materials and accessories you will need, or, might want, to purchase. They are popular with astronomers of all levels of experience and training, from beginners and amateur hobbyists to professionals and experienced scientists.

At about dobsonixn inch size, it is more practical to switch to a truss-tube design, which we will not cover at this time see [Kriege97] for very good plans on building dobwonian aperture truss-tube Dobsonians. We will also describe how power hand tools might make the job faster, or simpler, or in a few cases provide more accuracy. Now that we have a nice and stable mount, dobsonoan can continue building the optical tube assembly OTA.

Education How making is transforming learning. Other plans may make other perfectly valid choices, dobsonixn may have different design goals. Here you will find plans to build this telescope, or a smaller one–either a 4. Build Your Own Telescope – Richard Berry – [Berry94] The classic small Dobsonian construction book, by the person who was a major force in popularizing this design in the ‘s. Your email address will not be published.

Plan ahead by carefully weighing all components and approximating the center mass of the optical assembly. We will strive to produce something in the middle: Next Everything you should know about the Constellations. Unfortunately, the standard sizes are 1 and 2 meters in length.

Our homemade primary mirror cell, bult from plywood and common hardware store parts. If you happen to own one of these scopes; you might well peruse these pages to find ways to tinker plane fix up your mass-produced Dob: I think you will find these plans pretty clear, simple, and straightforward. The hole in the front board is optional, this way it is easier to tslescope the mount. John does not like or encourage the term Dobsonian, but his wishes have not been followed and everyone uses the term.


Build a Backyard Dobsonian Telescope

Besides that, the rest of the telescope are boards, dbsonian tube, a handful of screws and couple more easy to find items. This page provides detailed plans and instructions how to build one. We use this free web application to calculate tube dimensions and component placement, and to check for vignetting. The most important components are the optics, primary and secondary mirrors.

Do this very delicately; there should dobsoniah be any bending of the mirror. First, we need to draw a line across the middle of the board.

Dobsonian Telescope Plans

Newt-Web Newtonian Telescope Design Web Application We use this free web application to calculate tube dimensions and component placement, and to check for vignetting. Overview drawing of Eight-inch scope with Plywood Cut Pattern.

Mounting the mirror cell onto the dpbsonian tube is easy. Telescopes can be works of artor they can have a rough but functional appearance.

However, the three top manufacturers henceforth referred to as: Newsletter Stay inspired, keep making. In the meantime, keep making stuff!

Nothing to install on your computer – you just need an up-to-date web browser. Please check your email to confirm. If you have a mm F8 mirror, a mm OD tube is needed.