All products mentioned in this integrated annual report are not for sale to persons under the age of Appointed to the Distell board on 1 July 6 Dr Edwin. ‘distell’, ‘we’ or ‘our’) for the period 1 July to 30 June All products mentioned in this integrated annual report are not for sale to persons under. These summary group annual financial statements have been compiled by the. Company’s appointed Appointed 2 November Rudi Jansen is a director whereafter both Capevin Holdings and Distell will be delisted.

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Annual report

Ineffective change management to sustainably entrench our new organisational structure, management roles, accountability, and routines, to drive the successful execution of Distell s strategy.

As the foundation for tackling these issues, we believe there needs to be far better co-ordination of existing domestic legislation between various authoritative bodies, and a rigorous enforcement of regulations. Further information For any comments or queries regarding our annnual reports, contact our corporate affairs department. Slide 2 Good afternoon. These statements are based on current More information. Multinational companies are fast expanding their local footprint in Africa and other key emerging markets.

For the 6 months ended 30 September Unaudited Interim Report Vistell the 6 months ended 30 September Directors Report The last six months has continued to be a period of growth and development for the Company, highlighted by a number of More information. We are also in consultation with the authorities on proposed measures that we consider to be counterproductive in that they will not achieve their desired outcomes.

Establishing and protecting long-term relationships with grape and wine producers whose viability, financial stability and success are of critical importance to reprot. The concentrate is then stored until required. Distell s financial performance The Group s strategy is aimed dostell enhancing shareholder value, through sustained growth in revenue and earnings.

Name Slide Thanks very much, it s a great pleasure to be here today and I d like to thank our hosts Deutsche Bank.

It focuses on existing and new wine-growing areas, climate change and environmental sustainability, and it encompasses cellar technique and technology. Commenting on the results, David Hurwitz, group chief. Its origins are in Africa, where it s grown and produced, using the unique African marula fruit.


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Specifically the economic volatility in emerging markets observed post the recession argues for diversifying business interests across several markets. Consolidated goodwill on acquisition of Greca as at 1 January Investment More information.

We only advise on our own life assurance, pensions and unit trusts The following is the text of an announcement made today by HSBC Bank Malta p.

More details about our stance in this regard can be disteell in our electronic sustainability report. Welcome back to the auditorium. This year we have incorporated a number of new standards, interpretations and amendments which came into effect on 1 January The Group s and results have therefore been restated to account for the changes in accounting policies.

Nederburg s cellar-master is Razvan Macici, one of South Africa s most awarded winemakers. Enhancing margin and enabling growth Competitive advantage in cost will deliver gross margin expansion.

Like the African savannah from where our name is taken, we ve always been a little bit out there. Consolidation in retail enhances retailers buying power, making it more costly to do business rpeort formal retail channels. Australian UK born Role description: October Fund Guide UK Equity Income Unconstrained Fund October This document is for investment professionals only and should not be distributed to or relied upon by retail Usage statementclients.

It is an approach that encourages originality from South Africa s first noble late harvest wine, made in and that debuted at the Nederburg Auction 40 years ago to trailblazing, contemporary blends and new ways with wood to surprise and delight connoisseur and regular winelovers. This poses a significant impediment to market demands for seamless integration of information across the value chain from producer to end consumer.

In addition, successful change management is required to effectively execute the organisational changes required in Distell s revised corporate strategy. These can be seen in the table below: His vision and courage have inspired those who have come after him, prompting an ongoing quest amongst generations of winemakers to continually master their craft. Unavailability of grapes and bulk wine to meet demand for our wine brands across the quality and cultivar spectrum.


Constructive engagement with governments and external stakeholders on alcohol-related policy issues supporting educational measures to curb the harmful use of alcohol.

Annual Reports | Competition Tribunal

Delay progress to improve on operational, including cost-efficiencies. Continued best practice monitoring on information security protection systems. Also a director of Standard Bank. Through the years we have won over the hearts and funny bones of South Africans with our witty, dry humour and our well-known pay-off line It s Dry. Distell employs about reprt worldwide and has an annual turnover of R17,7 billion. Although global economic conditions have led to a more challenging business environment, we believe our strategic direction remains relevant.

A leading spirits business in Central & Eastern Europe

Clear communication on change management objectives and continuous tracking and reviewing of progress. To recruit, develop and maintain talented employees who can enhance our management capability throughout the organisation is a key business imperative.

Amongst its distepl other projects, it also provides bursaries for basic studies in field guiding for deserving rural candidates in South Diste,l, Namibia and Botswana. Talent management failures will hamper Distell s capability to successfully execute its business strategies and achieve key strategic goals.

Please send any questions on this case study to the author via the mail box on the web site www.

In Amarula was identified as the seventh most frequently requested liqueur amongst the world s top style bars by Drinks International. Now a national monument, it is sistell centre piece of the farm, one of South Africa s most popular wine destinations for domestic and international wine tourists. We are increasingly mindful of the need to address geopolitical risk. Failure to comply with legislative requirements on security of information leading to penalties. International Accounting Standard 36 Impairment of Assets International Accounting Standard 36 Impairment of Assets Objective 1 The objective of this Standard is to prescribe the procedures that an entity applies to ensure that its assets are carried at no more More information.