Digitech DSP Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Digitech DSP Owner’s Manual. Digitech DSP Plus, Music Technology, May The manual claims the abbreviations are printed on the top of the unit – but they weren’t on the review. Digitech DSP Plus, Sound On Sound, Apr There’s no indication in the DSP Plus manual of just how the signal is routed from one effects section .

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You can’t save or load just one program, however, so if vigitech wanted to combine programs from two separate banks you’ll have to note the values of the parameters of one set and enter them manually, but that shouldn’t take long. The infinite repeat facility on the delay section can be initiated with a footswitch, or via MIDI as I’ll describe later. According to the manual, the reverb decay time in seconds is the product of the numerical values of these two parameters: One thing to be said about all multi-effects processors is that even a couple of years ago, finding such processing power in one unit and at such a price was all but unthinkable.

Put the lot together – in any one of a number of permutations – and you can produce some very clever effects indeed. The quality and smoothness of reverb produced by a particular diffusion level varies according to the size of the simulated environment, and larger environments tend to require higher diffusion values.

My gut reaction on first encountering the DSP Plus was pretty much along the above lines, that here was another in a recent manyal of improved multi-effects processors.

With all those abbreviations floating around it’s quite easy to alter a parameter and move on without intending to or perhaps I’m just clumsy. MIDI and Bypass buttons complete the roster. Review by Paul Ireson. One algorithm is dedicated to a nine-band graphic but with no effects.

The manual supplied with the review amnual was a temporary manual. In the absence of program names, this is really useful. Start a New Topic.


Digitech DSP Plus (SOS Apr 89)

With the delay feedback parameter, infinite hold is enabled when the parameter is raised to its maximum value by a remote controller. The manual gives some details, although a few more pages and a little tutorial section would not go manuwl. Next door to the display are four cursor keys which are used to access the programs and change the parameters.

The Ultimate Reverb This control is limited to continuous controllers so note velocity, aftertouch and the like are not catered for. I have spent a good deal of time and space describing the Ultimate Reverb algorithm, but I make no apologies for this as it’s one of the DSP Plus’s most interesting features.

Some effects units sound thin, others warm. In practice, to kill the effect I found it far easier to turn the Mix control to Manua. As the range of effects is dependant entirely upon the algorithms, I’ll list them here: However, such reactions can be misleading in that it is the true strengths and weaknesses of equipment that really count: Nevertheless, the Digitech unit is still capable of producing all the important basic effects that people buy multieffects units for: Not particularly friendly, to my way of vsp.

If you value this resource, you can support this project – it really helps! Delay time is up to ms, and the EQ is a simple lowpass filter.

DigiTech DSP 128 Plus Digital Signal Processor Vintage Rack

Further parameters determine the characteristics of both the early and subsequent parts of the reverb, with pre Delay and Nanual parameters available for both. The standards by which we judge the worth of new technology change at an alarming rate: Other possibilities include more obviously panned repeats, or programs with echoes ricocheting back and forth in the stereo picture.

Time to dust your ears off and put them to work. This modeling guitar effects processor has 11 amp models, 22 studio quality effects, an digitech dso manual expression pedal for real time control of the effects.

I cranked this up to maximum all the time, and I imagine most other users will too, to give as much depth as possible to the sound.


The LED display can be varied so that as you change parameters they scroll into the display area or pop into it. To some extent this is justifiable – any new piece of gear must be judged in comparison to its nearest equivalents, but the problem starts when one regards a product as being less interesting because it is not as original and different as it would have been had it appeared a few months earlier.

Parametric EQ, Chorus, Delay I found this digigech odd as my digietch equipment can be reset by changing patch. The display will also show changes made to a a parameter’s values from a MIDI controller – a useful function.


Unlike so many other units, however, the case is brushed aluminium not matt black – a refreshing change. They are an assorted bunch, although many are simply variations on a theme and I don’t think they show off the unit to the best of its ability; odd, but then some synths come with poor factory presets.

Its predecessor, the DSP without the Plusis capable of producing three effects simultaneously. Further variation can be introduced by the delay section, which is placed in series after the reverb. It really helps – thank you! Setting the Early Reflection Level higher than the Subsequent Reflection Level will create the impression of proximity to the source; reversing the situation will create an impression of distance.

DIGITECH DSP-128 Owner’s Manual

With distinctive effects like this, it’s very easy to grow tired of them quickly if they sound identical every time you use them. Medium eigitech, Delay, Flange Filter 5. Take Your Bass to the Next Level. The Plus boasts two footswitch jacks on its rear panel. As with the mono delay effect, the number of repeats is set by the Feedback parameter, which enables anything from a single echo to infinite repeats to be created.