Example 6 1 Rectangular Water Tank Design – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. leakage. This project gives in brief, the theory behind the design of liquid retaining structure (Elevated circular water tank with domed roof and conical base). and further guidance on seismic design methods for storage tanks larger tanks, and as such the seismic design for these larger storage tanks.

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At the center of short span B.

Let ‘t’ be thickness of wall. The purpose of this joint is to accommodate contraction of the concrete. The section is to be designed r.x.c.overhead direct tension and bending. The width of the slab shall be determined in usual manner for calculation of the resistance to cracking of T-beam, L-beam sections at supports. Concrete mix weaker than M is not used.

As the bending moment is proportional to the depth of water, reinforcement will vary linearly with depth of water.

The design principles of underground tanks are same as for tanks resting on the ground. Design of Braces Maximum B. The steel for hoop tension is provided on both faces. If the tank is resting directly over wate, floor may be constructed of concrete with norminal percentage of reinforcement provided that it is certain that the ground will carry the load without appreciable subsidence in any yank and that the concrete floor is cast in panels with sides not more than 4.

Positive sign indicates tension.

water tank design example | Ravindra Ranatunga Ranatunga –

In case of tanks intended for the storage of water for domestic purpose, the roof must be made water-tight. Arrangement is made to achieve subsequent continuity without relative movement. This type of joint is provided between wall and floor in some cylindrical tank designs.

Our services involved architecture and well as RCC design of the Tank, specifications, bill of quantities and tender documents, selection of contractor, project monitoring and supervision, laying down safety standards and ensuring desigh they are met, bill checking and certification.


Circular Tanks Fixed at Base and Free at top. At this section two bars of 25 mm. Circular tanks are sometimes provided with inclined columns. While designing the walls of rectangular or polygonal concrete tanks, the following tahk should be borne in mind.

Water pressure acting from inside and no earth pressure acting from outside. Maximum hoop tension occurs at depth of 0.

Where it is desired to allow the walls to expand or contract separately from the floor, or to prevent moments at the base of the wall owing to fixity to the floor, sliding joints may be employed.

When the range of temperature is small, for example, in certain covered structures, or where restraint is small, for example, in certain elevated structures none of the movement joints provided in small structures up to 45m.

The tanks may be covered on top. The tanks are supported on staging which consists of masonry tower or a number of columns braced together. I In water retaining structures a dense impermeable concrete is required therefore, proportion of fine and course aggregates to cement should be such as to give high quality concrete. There will be direct load on the long wall due to self weight of the roof. Skip to main content. Increase in water cement ratio increases permeability, while concrete with low water cement ratio is difficult to compact.

Not only our people but our clients are also proud of us. Stresses due to drying Shrinkage or Temperature Change. In these tanks walls are subjected to hydrostatic pressure.

In strength calculations the permissible stress shall be as follows: Direct tension in long walls. Table gives coefficients for ring tension and B. It is a movement joint with deliberate discontinuity without initial gap between the concrete on either side of the joint. It, however, provision is made by means of a sliding joint for movement between the roof and the wall correspondence of joints is not so important.

There will be downward force of kg. Approximate method of design of circular tanks with fixed base.

In such cases a screed or concrete layer less than 75 mm thick shall first be placed on the ground and covered with a sliding layer of bitumen paper or other suitable atnk to destroy the bond between the screed and floor concrete. The beam is symmetrical and symmetrically loaded.


Steel required for – ve B. We are situated in Indore, the industrial capital in Madhya pradesh, exploring new height and expanding our roots countrywide. The force in any column is proportional to its distance from Wzter.

The walls of these tanks are subjected to pressure and the base is subjected to weight of water and pressure of soil.

Overhead RCC Water Tanks Construction

For calculations relating to the resistance of members to cracking, the permissible stresses in tension direct and due to bending and shear shall confirm to the .rc.c.overhead specified in Table 1. This may be achieved by limiting the stresses as for the rest of the tank, or by the use of the covering of the waterproof membrane or by providing slopes to ensure adequate drainage.

Unless alternative effective means are taken to avoid cracks by allowing for the additional stresses that may be induced by temperature or shrinkage changes or by unequal settlement, movement joints should be provided at the following spacings: The columns are braced together at intervals of 3 m. r.c.c.ocerhead

However, nominal reinforcement shall be provided, for plain concrete structural members. Same reinforcement is put at top and bottom as the may blow from one side or the other. M will be zero. In such cases the dome shall be designed for the vertical loads of the liquid over it and the ratio of its rise to its diameter shall be so adjusted that the stresses in the dome are, as far as possible, wholly compressive.

Area of steel provided. To resist the horizontal component of the meridional thrust at the end of done a ring is provided.

A gap wayer sometimes left temporarily between the concrete of adjoining parts of a structure which Fig.