Removing renderable text from pdf – posted in Business Applications: Is there a function in Adobe Acrobat (or some other software) that will. For all those people out there – students, academics, archivists, and eBooks readers – who have been stymied by AdobeĀ® Acrobat’sĀ® stubborn. A-PDF OCR is an effective application that works for your convenience. It enables you to get the texts from the scanned paperwork and PDF.

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TIFF forces one re-encoding and then reading the file back into Acrobat forces the images to be re-encoded back into. I recommend testing these procedures out on individual – extracted – pages of your document, both to ensure you understand the process and to allow you to quickly try different variations so you can decide which result you like best.

Thanks for the useless reply. Also when I added my Exhibit Label and printed to pdf, all looked fine on screen. It texy the file I had was encoded with a hidden watermark, and I needed to remove renderablw to OCR it I’m not pirating it or anything – I just had to run OCR because it was terribly done by depete else, and my iAnnotate highlighter works better with a properly OCRed file.

That introduces a lot of noise into the image. Help us help you. Open the thumbnail pane.

I have had similar experiences with other software “back in the day” but not recently. I am glad this trick has helped you. Robertson October 11, at When I processed a page, mostly-text, 10MB document: Anonymous October 9, at 1: JonnyPhenomenon August 9, at I had this problem today, and the above solution didn’t work for me it usually does work. Follow the prompts to complete the install. Using this technique, it is possible to obtain a searchable and text-select-able document while preserving the original image of the scanned document, if desired.


The ClearScan process converts the words on the page to actual text that can be edited. To all those who have been posting here asking for help: Your final files are likely to be somewhat larger than the original file, depending on the original document and which OCR output style you choose.

Does not work to remove renderable text. I haven’t performed similar tests on mostly-image documents at this time. Look it up in the help files. If you see this option in your context menu when you right-click on a.

Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. This was a very helpful tip, thank you. So sorry to report that despite diligently following the steps, the ” Fortunately we don’t have to leave our files in this format.

Save the file where you can find it then double-click it to start the install. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

My entire solution is designed to reduce the chance that any software converts the image files. Rendearble will create a new printer in your “Printers and Faxes” folder. But I do not prefer it.

Fix the OCR error Could Not Perform Recognition in Acrobat

If the most important images are on separate pages from the text then one could selectively OCR only the pages with text using the ClearScan output style. Note for those having difficulties: You renddrable the one looking at the file. Does either error mean that OCR failed or that it just passed by the text and OCRed what it could, and these can be ignored?


Select a sample page.

Just save to TIFF and then re-import that. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. PDF files are usually stored in. Thank you for giving your wonderful idea for this issue.


XPS files in Acrobat when you really want to convert them to. This could take quite some time depending on how much “rendered text” i. I have tried this technique on several problem PDFs to try to find a “better” solution.

In the ‘Combine Files’ dialog, in the lower right corner: Anonymous April 5, at 5: Ah, the games that get played in discovery, but, I digress. Body text alignment changed. Renderale was never intended to be a “perfect” OCR utility which preserves formatting etc.

This is a very good suggestion. I appreciate all the time you have devoted to this problem, and I celete I speak for all those out there who are so frustrated with Adobe over this. The OCR is essentially just thrown in for good measure. Not Telling Local time: It is merely A solution.