Chapter 4. Required files under the debian directory. Table of Contents. Chapter 6. Building the package. Table of Contents. Complete (re)build. dh_installdeb(1) automatically flags any files under the /etc directory as conffiles, with the exception of d which follows the format of crontab(5).

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Chapter 5. Other files under the debian directory

Although this simple approach works most of the time, you may need to adjust package name and upstream version by renaming the upstream source to follow Debian Policy and existing convention.

Now try to compile and run your program, to make sure it works properly and doesn’t break something else while it’s installing or running. It describes how to become a new developer, the upload procedure, how to handle our bug tracking system, the mailing lists, Internet maint–guide, etc. This document is intended for package maintainers who maintain packages that require a working database.

Package: maint-guide-de (1.2.39)

While there is a vast quantity sebian software already in the Debian format, sometimes you need to install software that isn’t. If you use ldd for this purpose, it will report indirect lib dependencies as well, resulting in the problem of excessive build dependencies. This generally means there is a problem with the Makefile. The fields may restrict their applicability to particular versions of each named package.

Let’s look into roughly how they rebuild your packages for multiple architectures. Debian package debian-policy Latest version: Never create real packages to be uploaded using this quick method.

Chapter 2. First steps

If your program uses configuration files but also rewrites them on its maiint-guide, it’s best not to make them conffiles because dpkg will then prompt users to verify the changes all the time. Before you decide to ask your question in some public place, please read this fine documentation:. Include the autotools-dev package in Build-Depends.


Bugs in pseudo-package wnpp in unstable. The following is the very important documentation which you should read along with this document:. If someone else wants to re-create your package from maint-guire, they can easily do so using the above three files.

One of the things that makes Debian such a top-notch distribution is its package system. It could be just a collection of graphical data, etc. When a user installs your program, they will probably not be prompted to install suggested packages.

The extraction procedure is trivial: The package will not be installed unless the packages it pre-depends on are installed and correctly configured. Programs needed for development 1. The short descriptions that are given above only serve to introduce you to what each package does. A proposed policy for packages that depend on a working database.

Programs needed for development. We leave line 10 as is since this is written in C. For a clean room chroot build environment to verify the build dependencies, the pbuilder package is very useful.

It is best to try to run the installation first and only use this if you run into trouble. If your upstream program provides a file for the init script, you can either use it or not. Pre-Depends This is stronger than Depends. Make sure there are no warning messages, even irrelevant ones, because other people’s unpacking tools may or may not ignore these anomalies, so they may have problems unpacking them.

This compressed tarball contains your debian directory contents. Full list at https: If you are making a Debian package with an upstream program, the typical workflow of Debian package building involves generating several specifically named files for each step as follows:. This file contains various values which dpkgdselectapt-getapt-cacheaptitudeand other package management tools will use to manage the package.


Get the program, and try it out 2. If you need to follow this text in an older system including an older Ubuntu system etc. Complete re build 6. In practice, sid may be experiencing issues which makes it undesirable for you to migrate your whole system. This handles Python modules using the python framework. Here is a quick summary of how many commands to build packages fit together in the command hierarchy.

If your package is a daemon that needs to be run at system start-up, you’ve obviously disregarded my initial recommendation, haven’t you? Keep reading, though; a lot of the advice below will still be applicable to your case.

Debian Developers’ Manuals

Maitn-guide manual is thought as a reference manual for all Debian developers newbies and old pros. This is not installed. Anyone downloading your files can test them with sha1sum 1 or shasum 1 and if the numbers don’t match, they’ll know the file is corrupt or has been tampered with.

It will help people downloading your package to see whether there are issues with the package that they should know about.

It ensures the installation of. Debian Mentors FAQ supplemental. If the build result is satisfactory, sign the. Line 3 describes how important it is that the user installs this package. If your package requires regularly scheduled tasks to operate properly, you can use these files to set that up. Once you upload the package to Debian, the value of these two debbian can be overridden by the archive maintainers, in which case you debiaj be notified by email.