DB SUA Safety in Use and Accessibility .. a.2) Accesibilidad, de tal forma que se permita a las personas con movilidad y comunicación b.3) Seguridad de utilización, de tal forma que el uso normal del edificio no suponga riesgo de. Documento Básico SUA Seguridad de Utilización y Accesibilidad. 2 Pavimentos UNE CEN/TS EX. Indicadores para pavimentos de superficie táctil. Este DB, no és de aplicación al proyecto por la naturaleza de la intervención de reurbanización, y . Seguridad de utilización y accesibilidad (DB SUA).

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These notices are considered as “priority”, since the warning in most cases involves a fall that requires face-to-face assistanceand the system compels us to perform an assistance to the physical space in which the call was made, and canceling it by pressing the red button.

The refuge areas must be located, without invading the free width of passage, in the stairwells of protected or specially protected stairs, in the independent halls of specially protected stairs, or in a protected corridor. This new system incorporates a capacitive touch panel with easy-to-identify symbols:. To illuminate the passage areasin addition to the call made to the permanent control post, it is necessary to install another mechanism, namely a red signal light SENwhich lights when we press accesibklidad bathroom call.

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ANNEX A of this regulation refers to accessible call points through intercommunication, mandatory for example for public buildings where there is a permanent control post:. We are faced with two regulations that do not always go hand in hand, but it is common to find ourselves with the need to comply with both at the same time.

Follow us Youtube Db-suaa Blog. More and more organizations which we work with are interested in this ALCAD solution described above, such as the new Palace of Justice in Guadalajara, which has relied on ALCAD as a manufacturer of the warning system for the shelters of the different plants together utliizacin the evacuation stairs and the accessible toilets that there are along all the floors.

Those are some of the multiple options to which we can choose with our system. It can be considered that the intercom emits a recorded message as an auditory signal and that it counts, as a visual signal, with a luminous device to indicate that the request for assistance has been received at the permanent control post. With this solution we could incorporate, in the specific refuge areas, our CIC bi-directional intercom with the control posts that are designated; Thereby, anyone who needs help at these points can communicate without any problem.

We show you below a general scheme, based on this installation where you can see how the installation is wired:. Latest News Subscribe to our newsletter News. Legal notice Cookies policy.

In transport terminals, own statistical bases can be used to estimate the db-suua of places reserved for people with disabilities. ACCUROrefugium is the unique intercom solution for fire and emergency shelters, public toilets and common areas, “all-in-one”.


For those cases, in ALCAD we wanted to collect the needs that can combine the two regulations and complement seguriead with what we know best: It is the first complete market solution that complies both with the Spanish regulations SUA Safety of Use and Accessibility and with the SI fire safety in non-residential buildings in terms of the intercommunication section with a local control post.

Space with enough area for the number of places that are required, dimensions 1. Be my partner Info request. To that end, in ANNEX A of cacesibilidad regulation it indicates some of the aspects to be taken into account, which concerns us as manufacturers:. In buildings of different use to Residential Use Housing that have a permanent control post during their activity schedule, the refuge area will have a visual and auditory intercom with said position.

In point SUA-3 of this same regulation, they make reference to another aspect to be taken into account regarding notices:.