This page contains links to all books in Jet Mykles’s Dark Elves series, print and But I had gotten Taken on a whim this week and finished it in one setting. Dark Elves: Taken [Jet Mykles] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. TAKEN Everyone’s heard tales of the Dark Forest, tales of entire bands. Taken [Dark Elves 1] – Kindle edition by Jet Mykles. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks.

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Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Taken by Jet Mykles. Stubborn, self-sufficient Diana and her friend venture into the Dark Woods on a quest to recover some stolen money. As night falls, a strange man appears and casts a spell over them. They are captured and embark on a journey of incredible lust and self discovery. Diana is infuriated, humiliated. Who do these black-skinned, white-haired, sex-oozing devils t Stubborn, self-sufficient Diana and her friend venture into the Dark Woods on a quest to recover some stolen money.

Who do these black-skinned, white-haired, sex-oozing devils think they are making her into a broodmare and sex-slave? She won’t do it. Who cares if the damned elves were created as sex toys for a goddess? Or if each and every dark elf that visits her is a well-trained, exquisite lover. Or if Commander Salin makes her mind and body hum with desire and pleasure she’s never before experienced?

Commander Salin’s men have all had their turn trying to tame the hellcat swordswoman. To a man, they’ve brought her to the heights of ecstasy but they’ve all had to rely on trickery or mystical attraction to bring her to heel. Even now, she refuses to submit and accept her new life. Never has a woman been so much trouble. Never has a woman so fired his blood.

He will have her. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be used, pleasured.

This ebook contains substantially explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations some readers may find objectionable. This e-book also contains illustrations of a graphic nature that may be offensive to some readers. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

To ask other readers questions about Takenplease sign up. Lists with This Book.

Dark Elves: Taken (Dark Elves #1 & #2) by Jet Mykles

I can honestly say that I haven’t been this turned on by a paranormal series in a long time. The Dark Elves are an all male race that were created by their goddess, to be her consorts Yes, they are sexuall beings that are horny all the time.


They emit pheromones that seduce females until they are begging for it. Their bodies are ripped wi 4 Panty Soaking Stars So I was in the mood for some dark, forced seduction, paranormal action and a good friend recommended the Dark Elves series.

Dark Elves: Taken

Their bodies are ripped with muscles and vark “manhoods” are super-sized and self lubricating!!! In the words of Borat, I say “Very Niiice!! Dark Elves are only able to have children with their true mate, so every woman that is brought to the Dark Elves are tested. They are given a new lover datk nine days until their ego mylkes prego!

This is all very organized. Hot Paranormal Dubious Consent Sex!! View all 30 comments. Mar 18, Tai rated it really liked it Shelves: Hot, very hot read. Every scene was steamy. I did go back and forth on my opinion of the main character though. Diana was very stubborn, and at times I really wanted her to stop fighting them and just give in, so it was a little tiring. Still, being stubborn myself, I did understand Diana’s point of view also, after all she was taken and being held against her will.

So I couldn’t help but want her to keep resisting them as well. View all 8 comments. Every ket was great, but Diana got on my nerves, wish she was left in the forest.

May darrk, Niquole Abram rated it really liked it Shelves: This book turned me into a dirty birdy My head was thinking “Sex elves? I’m still a little torn between Gala haken Diana, Gala seemed to just accept the fact that they were taken for the sole purpose of being impregnated while Diana put up a good fight literally. About halfway through though after Commander Salin comes into the picture This book turned me into a dirty birdy About halfway through though after Commander Salin comes into the picture and proves how different he is from the other I find myself wanting to strangle her.

Dark Elves Series

I liked her feisty nature towards the beginning but now it’s just annoying and kinda rude. It got much better when she finally stopped being such a bitch to Salin and accepted him. Then there’s the pictures! Totally did NOT see those coming. I’m just reading along and then BAM! There’s an Elf getting all kinds of special kisses. I ended up reading even quicker to discover what the next picture would be.

Some of them did interrupt my reading as I would just stare, and stare at them. God lord I’m going to hell Jun 10, Courtney rated it did not like it. This book is terrible! The plot is flat, but then you don’t really expect much plot in an erotica novel.


Dark Elves Series ~ Jet Mykles

The characters had little or no development whatsoever, and from what reviews I’ve read, most people say the heroine is annoying. The sex scenes elvds too wham bam thankyou ma’am, and lets face it, the best part is the build up, after penetration, there isn’t really anywhere else to go. I think most women read erotica for some spice, for something a little different and more engaging rark porn This book is terrible!

I think most women read eves for some spice, for something a little different and more engaging than porn. If a woman wants penetration in less than 30 secs, isn’t that what a husband is for??? Aug 23, Treece rated it liked it Shelves: Changeling Press at its finest. Raw, imaginative and erotic. There are some limitations but the artwork by author Jet Mykles will rock your world. I purchased this series because I have always been intrigued by drow elves and outside of RA Salvatore’s Drizzt series which is sheer clean ket fantasy with some of best flves scenes you will EVER come across there wasn’t much else at the time.

This story has it all. Intrigue, BDSM training and a plot that ain’t half bad. I didn’t care anything abo Changeling Press at its finest. I didn’t care anything about the h but the drow Doms and their universe rock.

Jan 17, Jill rated it it was amazing Shelves: I warn you this will not be every bodies cup of tea. I have no problem reading about, so I consumed this book in a few hours.

View all 3 comments. Aug 11, Marianne rated it did not like it Shelves: If these lover boys need mates that badly, wouldn’t it be better to invite willing women – rather than constantly abduct “lucky” ladies who happen to be traveling through their elvea The unlucky women get passed around from one man to the next until they find their truemate.

If they don’t find this man, it’s off to the brothel where ever Ugh. If they don’t find this man, it’s off to the brothel where every man is free to use her. It’s for myk,es own good. You see, the women have sexual needs.

Mar 18, Paula rated it it was amazing Shelves: I see all of these 4 star ratings and can’t figure out why they are 4 instead of 5 stars. This was a Sexy, exciting, titillating, adventure story. I couldn’t put it down.

I read The End and went on to read the second book.