Anna university, Chennai B.E / Engineering Degree Examination CS ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE SIXTH SEMESTER Regulation. SUBJECT CODE: CS SUBJECT NAME: ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE DEPARTMENT: CSE YEAR: 3. SEMESTER: 6. SYLLABUS. CS Artificial Intelligence Lecture Notes.» CS Artificial Intelligence Lecture Notes. Lecture Notes Provided by. Einstein college of Engineering.

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Zrtificial different types of planning cs13351 as follows: The planner should be able to use Divide and Conquer method for solving very big problems. Conditional planning is a way in which the incompleteness of information is incorporated in terms of adding a conditional step, which involves if — then rules.

A rational agent is one that does the right thing. What are the ways in which one can understand the semantics of a belief network?

Process which is based on coupling new information to previously acquired knowledge a. What are the different types of problem?


Define AND —Elimination rule in propositional logic AND elimination rule states that from a given conjunction it is possible to inference any of the conjuncts. What are the different adtificial of planning?

State the reason why first order, logic fails to cope with that the mind like medical diagnosis. Whether uniform cost search is optimal? Log In Sign Up. What is the basic task of a probabilistic inference? Define an Ideal rational agent.


The process of treating something abstract and difficult to talk about as though it were concrete and easy to talk about is called as reification. Proof Theory — a set of rules for deducing the entailment a set sentences. List the various informed search strategy. Learning by recording cases. A problem is really a collection of information that the agent will use to decide what to do.

Define Artificial Intelligence in terms of rational acting. The learning process can be classified as: Learning by managing models. Logical Constants True, False ii. What are the principles that are followed by any learning procedure?

The depth first search is modified to use an f-cost limit rather than a depth limit. Iterative deepening is a strategy that sidesteps the issue of choosing the best depth limit by trying all possible depth limits: What is Induction heuristics?

What is entailment The relation between sentence is called entailment. Different varieties of queuing fn produce different varieties of the search algorithm. What are the capabilities that a computer should possess for conducting a Turing test? The action program will run on some sort of computing device which is called as Architecture.

The use utility theory to represent and reason with preferences.

Anna University Chennai CS ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE model question papers

An omniscient agent knows the actual outcome of its action and can act accordingly; but omniscience is impossible in reality. Learning by correcting mistakes. A set of variable binding constraints. The Turing test proposed by Alan Turing was designed to provide a satisfactory operational definition of intelligence. Define Logic Logic is one which consist of intelligencee.


What are the components that are needed for representing an action?

2008 Anna University Chennai B.E Computer Science CS 1351 ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Question paper

Define iterative deepening search. Here at most one undirected path between any two nodes is present. Define Artificial Intelligence formulated by Haugeland. Give two iterative improvement algorithms. Induction heuristics is a method, which enable procedures to learn descriptions from positive and negative examples. Define a consistent plan.

If the qrtificial function is defined to generate all possible applications of inference rules then the search algorithms can be applied to find proofs.

What does Turing test mean? Process which is based on digging useful regularity out of data, usually called as Data base mining: It is important to remember that p a can only be used when there is no other information. Define Satistiability of a sentence A sentence is satisfiable if and only if there is some interpretation in some world for which it is true.