Find great deals on eBay for Creative Xmod in Desktop External Sound Cards. Shop with confidence. The Good Creative’s Xmod enhances compressed audio by effectively converting it to bit audio; attractive and easy-to-use hardware;. Creative’s Xmod is an interesting little product that manages to bring Creative’s patented X-Fi sound processor into a portable form factor.

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In multicultural Australia, the opportunity for home cooks to expand their culinary horizons is too tempting to resist. We wouldn’t recommend this mode for music listening, but for enjoying other media, such as games or movies, it was quite effective.

Sandy Bridge Trying out the new method. The virtual 3D surround sound works particularly well with both movie playback and gaming.

The Xmod is one of Creative’s latest external audio product offerings, boasting support for the PC, Mac and standalone functionality, this little device is meant to sit between your audio source and your speakers, acting in real-time improving your audio output using the different tricks learned from developing those SoundBlaster boards for so many years.

Creative Xmod Sign in to comment Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. It then grabs any audio playing through the system and runs it through its built-in filters. It’s powered by USB, and it defaults as your sound card once it’s plugged into a computer–no driver is required.

The Good Creative’s Xmod enhances xmo audio by effectively converting it to bit audio; attractive and easy-to-use hardware; no drivers required; PC and Mac compatible; works with any audio source; priced right. Do not disconnect your device while the firmware is being updated. Write a comment below. Logitech audio enhancer external sound card. The 24 bit 96 kHz mode demonstrates lower definition, though the codec officially supports this mode.


Yeah sure, your headphones only have two real speakers, but somehow the engineers at Creative have figured out how to localize sounds by using advanced digital signal processing that even takes the physics of your head and the xmld of your ears into account. Xmod contains a hardware DSP to apply audio effects.

Creative Xmod review

Good large digital volume control, separate outputs for headphones and speakers, built-in effects that can be disabled. Parrot Zik Bluetooth headset. The device is compatible with files that are encoded in multiple surround channels. The real gem of this product, however, is the X-Fi Crystaliser mode. However, some of the creatve became stunted, sounding clipped, and a lot of the detail was lost when this feature was activated.

creative xmod

Overall we were thoroughly impressed with how well the Crystaliser did in our tests and the improvement will be obvious to the vast majority of listeners. It offers a Flash demo: It would have been interesting for owners of sound cards to have an external device, similar to Creztive in functions, but using internal features of the PCI card.

I used it to watch my copy of Cars. It’s this little white box that hooks up to your cteative by USB.

Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. Crystallizer expands the sound field of a stereo creativ. With this switched on, the X-Fi processor theoretically enhances your music up to bit quality, which is above that of a regular CD Xxmod are bit. I listened to several rough and noisy podcasts and the Crystalizer just enhanced the worst bits of the noise. Artificial Intelligence 44 votes. It’s up to you to decide whether you want to use it or not.


Brand Post The Science Behind Healthy Cooking In multicultural Australia, the opportunity for home cooks to expand their culinary horizons is too tempting to resist. I’m in love with the Creative Xmod.

Review: Creative Xmod

Close all application and Windows Explorer windows that are currently running on your computer. Added Features or Enhancements: If you watch a lot of movies on your laptop, or you have a PC with integrated audio, then the Xmod may be just what you want.

You can enable and disable both the 3D and Crystalizer features via switches at the side of the Xmod unit. You can now buy a single dot in COD: There is no interpolating going on–instead, Creative sound engineers have come up with a secret formula that identifies certain instruments such as cymbals or kick drum and fills in the data that was originally trashed during compression.

The mid-range remains unchanged for the most part, although it seems a little richer, and detail remains about the same whether the Crystaliser is on or off. However, it isn’t a fully fledged X-Fi Card and doesn’t have all the features and settings available on a regular, internal card. That’s how cool the virtual localization was.