You can add or change information about an existing representative through My Account at or by completing a new Form T When electronically submitting Form T for processing, there will be a 4 day delay to gain access to your clients’ accounts via CRA’s online. The T form, Authorizing or Cancelling a Representative is used to authorize a representative to access a taxpayer?s tax information through the CRA.

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Registered representatives are representatives who have registered with the CRA’s Represent a Client online service. You can cancel your representative s using My Account at cra. Otherwise, enter your trust account number or T5 filer identification number.

Forms T183 and T1013

Currently, the time it takes to process a paper T is 20 business days or less once received by the CRA, provided the request is complete. Your representative will have instant access to your information and online services to tt1013 manage your account.

For a list of available services, go to cra. Part 1 — Taxpayer information. That person does not need to complete rca form to be updated as a legal representative on the taxpayer’s account, but he or she must send a complete copy of the legal document giving him or her the authority to act in that capacity to the appropriate tax centre. The results can be crw from the Results log or from within the client’s file. If you are the taxpayeryou must sign and date this form.

Print the form directly from your software product or from the site above. Instruct your client not to submit the form unless we ask for it. Form T must be kept for at least six years following the date that the return was electronically filed. By completing Section B, you are authorizing your representative to deal with the CRA only by telephonein personand in writing.

The form is year specific and only the current year version is acceptable.


T – Authorizing or Cancelling a Representative

Note If you do not specify a level of authorization, we will assign level 1. Information is outdated or wrong. Tick the appropriate box. Authorize online access for all tax years including t113 by telephone and in writing. A legal representative is an executor or administrator of the taxpayer’s estate, someone with a power of attorney, guardian, or trustee or custodian for trust accounts. When electronically submitting Form T, immediate access to your clients’ accounts will be granted via our online services, once the authorization has been updated to the taxpayer’s account.

If your representative contacts or visits us, we will ask him or her for identification. Levels of authorization There are two levels of authorization you can give to your By specifying the level of authorization, you control the type of access or information we give to your representative. If it is rejected the error code will be written into the EfileTError keyword. A signature by someone other than the taxpayer, the trustee, or the legal representative, is acceptable as long as an applicable power of attorney exists.

To view all the T e-submission error messages click here. When electronically submitting Form T for processing, there will be a 4 day delay to gain access to your clients’ accounts via CRA’s online services.

Where do you send your completed form? After we confirm your representative’s identity and that he or she is listed as your representative on your account, we will ask for specific information relating to: All tax years past, present, and future Level of authorization level 1 or 2.

Section A – Authorize online access for all tax years including access by telephone, in person, and in writing. Go to My Account at canada. My Service Canada Account. A representative of a trust account will have access to all tax years with no online access. For security reasons, inactive authorized representatives will be removed from your account after two years.

Send the completed form to your CRA tax centre at the address listed below. If you recently moved, you can update your address and contact information online using My Account, by telephone ator in writing.


Enter your account number and your name. Failure to provide this information may result in your request not being accepted. Income tax matters include issues related to information on your tax return.

To cancel more than one representative, but not all representatives, attach another sheet. Your representative will not be allowed to change your: It is your responsibility to monitor and understand the transactions your representative completes on your behalf, and to make sure that the information for your representative is current.

Written permission is required for you or your client to destroy Form T before the six-year period is up. If you fail to provide these completed forms when we ask for them, we may suspend your electronic filing privileges. The form s may be submitted in batches from one to thirty and the filing option is available year round. It has a spelling mistake. If you have a “care of” address on your account, we will send you a letter asking you to call the CRA to authorize the online access.

Enter an expiry date, if applicable. You need to complete this form if you want the Canada Revenue Agency CRA to deal with another person such as your spouse or common-law partner, other family member, friend, or accountant who would act as your representative for income tax matters.

Under the Privacy Actindividuals have the right to file a complaint with the Privacy Commissioner of Canada OPC regarding the CRA’s handling of their personal information and the right to access their personal information and request correction if there are errors or omissions.