The Transformation King has written an excellent fat loss program (‘Afterburn’ and ‘Afterburn 2’), and perhaps more importantly, has shared his. Product Review: Alwyn Cosgrove’s Afterburn If you aren’t familiar with Alwyn Cosgrove’s stuff, you’re really missing out; here is a guy who has. Sucker Punch: Alwyn Cosgrove – This is a fantastic interview at T-Muscle with one of my best friends and mentors in the industry. Alwyn calls it like he sees it.

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“The Afterburn Effect” – Alwyn Cosgrove

Question of Strength 50 by Christian Thibaudeau Today How bodybuilders can fight post-show depression, how to eat carbs and stay lean, and what to do if squats make you hurt.

Still, never put the bar down. A good “Cosgrove rule of thumb” is that if you’re not questioning why in the hell you’re doing these exercises, or convincing yourself that twice around is enough, you’re not going heavy enough. For those people, please please please read this!! Forums New posts Search forums.

A five-movement complex x 6 reps has a total volume of 30 reps per set! Cosgrovw Peak Fitness Take your fitness to the next level! It sounds like Afterburn is intended for someone interested in becoming a figure competitor.

Thank you for the info Icumom. Use the muscle round technique to light up your brachialis and add size to your arms. I should be able get my body fat down to a reasonable level by being consistent in my eating and workouts. What if I created a fat loss or conditioning program based around one piece of equipment — where you stayed in the same spot, using the same load for the entire duration. Combo lifts are broken down into three categories: But what about EPOC?


You’ll get stronger, perform better athletically and get more jacked. SirenSongWoman Cathlete Apr 14, So I went a step further. If you have time and can understand him through his accent Scottishthere’s a 5-part interview with Cosgrove on YouTube the guy who adterburn Elite Fitness is asking the questions. Cosgrovf where most so-called diet gurus go wrong.

I’ve read a lot about it on the internet from people who tried it, and even found some examples of a few of the workouts, which I tried. I just cosgrovf that it would work as well as alternating sets for fat loss cozgrove conditioning, or at least close enough that it wasn’t too much of a tradeoff.

Training one body part per day is outdated, and full-body workouts don’t always cut it. So why do they work? In this category, there’s afetrburn pause or separation between the lifts. This quick drill does it all: This is when two or more lifts are done together with a distinct pause between each.

A plant chemical proves to be as effective in shrinking the prostate as prescription drugs, but far safer. It also treats erectile dysfunction. I just came across this blog post on one of the more popular Fitness blogs around the world by Alwyn Cosgrovewhich was written years ago.

Thanks in advance, Mary. As it turns out, it worked better! Because we were using a measurement of aerobic work to determine how many calories were burned. You will notice a difference very quickly! I have been in medicine too long By continuing to use this website, you agree to cosgroge use.



This isn’t for the faint-hearted or deconditioned. Words from the Maniac What makes you fat? How bodybuilders can fight post-show depression, how to eat carbs and stay lean, and what to do if squats make you hurt. I thought about buying the book also, so hopefully you’ll get some responses to this cosgrkve. Doing back squat to floor press clearly doesn’t flow.

“The Afterburn Effect” – Alwyn Cosgrove | StarkFit

The key is to be sensible. So, in effect, I’ve almost tripled the rest period between squat sets 60 seconds plus time taken for push-ups plus 60 seconds as opposed to using a straight set system. Remember, it’s a metabolic stimulus, not a strength or hypertrophy stimulus, so be conservative.

Use the following progression:. These healthed-up cookies will satisfy your cravings without expanding your waistline. Do four sets with about 90 seconds rest between sets and you’ll have moved 12, pounds in about eight or nine minutes. Push-pull-legs is superior for any goal. This effective program is for them. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here The diet – well, all that animal food, is for me, not healthy Only about 10 percent of people afteeburn able to do it.

There’s a better exercise to build your back. This allows me to increase work density while still getting “true” rest. So I started experimenting with a few things — doing dumbbell lunges and push-ups for example, or step-ups and dumbbell bench presses — where I could use one set of dumbbells and one piece of equipment.