The mine began commercial production in january, Pueblo viejo is located in the dominican republic, approximately kilometers northwest of the capital. Los dirigentes del Comité Nuevo Renacer culpan a la Barrick de en el club de la filial provincial del Colegio Médico Dominicano (CMD). Cotui contra Pueblo Viejo/Barrick Gold, Dominican Republic de la antigua operación de Rosario Dominicana, empresa que explotó los depósitos por mayoría en ambas cámaras del Congreso de República Dominicana. El contrato diria que los pasivos ambientales seran responsabilidad del estado.

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Ask us a question. Once the gold oxide was processed, the sulfides were exposed and the mine was abandoned to its fate, allowing acidic waters from the Margajita River to drain away to the Hatillo Dam.


If you want to have full access please Start a free trial. Start a Free Trial Already a subscriber? The debate over the mining contract came to head in February when President Danilo Medina called the terms “unacceptable” due to barrkck gold prices, and demanded the contract be modified, threatening a windfall tax if no agreement could be reached. Links Mines and Communities. Insofar as the figures rely on disclosure by the organization or company responsible, the figures can be considered to be conservative in nature.

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Pueblo Viejo contract to deliver further benefits to state – DR – BNamericas

If you want to have full access please Start a Free Trial Email address. Barrick is “pleased to reach an agreement that preserves the economic value of the Pueblo Viejo mine, while also addressing the fiscal objectives of the country,” the company told BNamericas in an emailed statement, with the contract providing “stability for both parties moving forward.

The contemporary history of the Pueblo Viejo gold mine, which produces gold oxide at the top and gold sulfide at the bottom, begins in with Rosario Resources Corporation, a company that later passed into the hands of the Dominican State under the name Rosario Dominicana, and whose operations ceased permanently in because of economic and environmental factors.


Your questions and comments are important to us. Best care is taken to ensure that recorded data is correct at the time of entry and that each entry is backed with a relevant source. Close Ask us a question.

Pueblo Viejo contract to deliver further benefits to state – DR

Start a Free Trial. And Barrick refuses to deliver that republuca of money. This is a Free Account. The greatest care possible was taken to ensure consistency of information in order make a like-for-like comparison in project costs.

The deal is “in line” with the agreement in principle reached in May, the company added, and still requires approval by the Dominican congress, Barrick said. The content has been shared, if you want to share this content with other users click here. If we do not fight to defend what batrick ours, maybe tomorrow it may stop belonging to us.

You have no more credits available: Ask us a question The message is required, and cannot be empty. Production at the mine contributed to a 1. An error has occurred, please try again. No to Barrick Dominican in the Dominican Republic. There is also a blog called Domincana Contaminada [es] Contaminated Dominicana dedicated to detailing cases in which Barrick Gold has been involved with environmental damages, such as Pascua Lama [es] abrrick Chile and the pollution of Lake Cowal in Australia.

In the case of private projects, information is taken from public sources, such as stock exchange filings, cintrato reports, company presentations, third party research and press releases. Projects must have a:.

The original contract signed with Placer Dome held the State’s profits to the price of gold, which ne that the higher the price on the dominidana, the greater the profits for the Stage. In cases where contracts are subject to approval by legislators, the start date is the date of the law or legislative approval. Barrick Gold has been in the sights of the Dominicans some of the details about the signed contract were made public, a contract which was approved at the end of in Congress by the vast majority of conttrato.


Where applicable, a project is considered as such until the end of construction and ramp-up to full capacity with the exception of mining projects, where the date of commissioning signifies the end of the project. Start your 15 day free trial now!

Where guidance is non-specific as to dates for completion, the following is used. No attempt was made to adjust figures for inflation during the course of research or for consideration of the time value of money.


Inthe Dominican people stood up to fight against a cement factory that would be installed in the Los Haitises National Park.

Why do we fight?? While the company talks about food poisoning [es]others insist that the poisoning was due a a boiler explosion [es]. How can we help you? Please select Yes No. Despite the public relations efforts, people are continuing to protest. While some people believe that the contract leaves the Dominican Republic at a clear disadvantage, this is not the only reason for protest. Create note Ask us. If you want to have full access please Start a Free Trial.

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