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Alterations within the network have ripple effects on the whole. The nature georgd the ecology influences the ease, type, and health of networks created.

The real value of a new tool is not the tool itself. Quando tento acessar aparece esta msg: But understanding the tool is only part of the challenge. How can we act if we do not solidify knowledge—even slightly?

So what distinguishes a connectivist perspective from social constructivism? As little as five years ago, content came pre-packaged. Why is change so hard in education?? Do not decide the entire solution in advance.

A shortcut to an individual’s connections. When these parts connect or join, they create intelligence.


We can now listen only to perspectives already in line with our own. They are influenced by the environment and context of an organization, school, or classroom.

What will look like? Networks occur within something. It is a wonderful example of a space where we can learn from experts, informally, formally, or in communities. This is the potential that exists in a learner and their connections.

These agents can create diverse structures ant colonies, brains, cities through the process of connecting by following simple rules. Each tool provides affordances for certain tasks. Global, complex future requires a connected, educated populace The moderating influence of diversity is georgr prominent when we can shape our dialogue spaces to suit our views.

This blog is written primarily for my own reflection but if you want to roll up your sleeves and jump in with a comment or a pingback you will be welcomed with open arms.


Page Tools Insert links Insert links to other pages or uploaded files. So much for the idea of knowledge existing in the world of real activity by real people. In our earlier discussion of learning, we pursued holistic models in order to attend to the diverse and complex nature of learning.

CONOCIENDO EL CONOCIMIENTO () – George Siemens / Revisions of FrontPage

Questions of validity and trust are answered with each information source at least until a relationship has been developed. This process is creating a serious divide in the ability of people to dialogue and share common understandings. Degree centrality – the number of direct connections a node has – a well connected node – a busy hub. Obviously that is the task at its most basic, but what does it mean?

Filters While this process is effective on many levels, it has its challenges. Labeling is a cognitive off-loading process; once we can put someone or a concept into a box, we do not have to be as active in making meaning. The moment a problem takes an initial known shape, the solutions begin to flow. As an author, in order to make useful statements such as “Knowledge is now at the disposal of the many,” I leave things unsaid but experts play a key role, and when experts are the focus of the discussion, I will attend to their role.

Conociendo el conocimiento

Indeed they themselves seem stuck in a primitive pedagogy that depends on lectures which they will defend to the death. Organizations need to achieve goals, objectives, targets, but they need to achieve them in non-linear ways. Then we adjust and acquire new tools and processes as the experience warrants.

In the end, the appeal of control often exceeds the prospect of value from decentralization.

Downes talks more about how groups are distinct from networks and Siemens conovimiento about conocimiiento groups are a particular sub-type of networks. When we rely on outdated knowledge due to classification in advance of all elements being knownwe encounter inaccurate information, wrong judgments, and un-acknowledged changed foundations Even the images and proposed ways of looking at knowledge provided in this book are an attempt to provide some organization.


That misses the essence of the change: We need to look at where the energy is expended, not where it is solidified. Until recently, most of our information was delivered through a centering agent—a television, newspaper, magazine, or radio. Connectivism cknociendo the complexity of knowledge and learning in a way that social constructivism cannot. Centralization is effective when matched to the appropriate task.

The assumption that control determines outcome is a mindset that was questionable in the industrial era…and laughable in the knowledge era. Much like the music industry had to learn that people do not want to pay for a whole album when all fonocimiento want is one song, content providers education, museums, and libraries need to see the end user does not want the entire experience—they want only the pieces they want.


Rise of ThingsInternet of thingsRobot in every homehttp: Computer networks, power grids, and social networks all function on the simple principle that people, groups, systems, nodes, entities can be connected to create an integrated whole. She was inspirational and genuinely thinks that social media contributed to her recovery. A metaphor that describes the learning delivered through the network of connections and activities of a learner. It is relevant…but not in all situations and for all tasks.

Iniciado por Augusto de Franco 26 Fev, It was a genuine learning experience for me, Jan and many of her friends. India calls for 27, HE institutionshttp: Knowledge is about a certain type of organization.