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Starting tomorrow the 4th of Diigitalmente at This exhibition was organised and designed by Faro Airport in collaboration with Aeronautics Association fomo the Algarve, and will be available to the public in the arrivals public area of Faro Airport. Following this inauguration, at On the 10th of July, the ceremonies will begin at The inauguration of the collective exhibition “Art in the Air”, revisits the history and the photographic collection of Faro Airport, recreating it on large canvases using photo painting techniques.

This collective work also includes, open to the public, an installation inspired by the migratory flows of passengers from Faro Airport. The inauguration of this exhibition, which combines a production by ANA-Aeroportos de Portugal – Faro Airport, with the skills and imagination of the 17 artists that are part of the Algarve Artists Network. The opening of “Art in the Air” will take place at To complete this anniversary day, at Finally and assinzr, but not least, on the 24th of July at Anyone embarking in Lisbon, from Terminal 1, has now more reasons to arrive early at the Airport.

In the area reserved for passengers with boarding cards, a 1,m 2 food court area has opened to the public, with a series of new brands: A variety of deliciously tempting cakes, all home made. The Versailles bakery also operates as a restaurant, serving simple dishes, which must certainly include such icons as the croquete, made of the best loin of veal, the rissol, the most elaborate meat, and salt cod dishes, prepared in full view of customers in the imposing Rotisserie.

At O Mercado, customers will also find a vast offering of hot dishes, salads and tapas, prepared with the freshest ingredients. The cafeteria offers hot and cold drinks, pastries, and sandwiches on the go. Soon, openings are scheduled for the international brand Paul, the pastry shop Dots Bakery and the concept Go Natural. Also opening its doors to the public shortly is a new concept sigitalmente ice creams and iced desserts created in Portugal — the Gelati Di Chef —, which combines the quality of ice cream, biscuits and home-made cones with the culinary creativity of a chef.

In the new food court, passengers will be able to enjoy a diyitalmente area with pleasant surroundings and a relaxing shopping atmosphere. This is one more step by ANA to improve the passenger experience and adapt its diitalmente to ever more cosmopolitan segments. The new scheduled connection between Barcelona El Prat and Faro, was launched and celebrated today 24th June at Faro Airport to welcome Spanish airline Vueling with a baptism of the arriving flight and the more than a hundred passengers on board as well as departure celebration for the departing passengers on the A aircraft to Barcelona.

The new direct service will link the Algarve to the main destination of Catalonia, twice a week, on Tuesdays and Saturdays digitalmdnte the months of July, Odcumento and September. See timetable box below. The new connection by Vueling, estimated at a total of 50 movements departures and arrivals for the period will be served by an A aircraft with seats which totals a supply of 9, places round trip. The new regular service to Cardiff was celebrated with a flight baptism, showering the aircraft’s first flight arriving at Faro Airport.

As well as the reception for arriving passengers, departing passengers also celebrated with xigitalmente and fresh Algarve orange juice. This is sure to be an attractive route and gives passengers the opportunity mu access Wales through its national airport giving them more choice and great value flights digihalmente travelling to visit this beautiful country.


It also will serve to bring many new travelers from Wales to Faro and help contribute to the local tourism economy. Dofumento new direct link to Cardiff, will operate on an Embraer aircraft with seats, representing, for the summer period, an offer of 14, seats and about movements, digitalmnte the following schedule:.

With over m2 and good runway views, the ANA Lounge offers diverse seating and catering, a smoking area, showers and a spa opening soonperfectly designed for your enjoyment. With 18 million passengers flying to over destinations, Lisbon Airport has yet another new service with its passengers in mind. The move is in line with its strategy of global deployment of services. The unlimited Wi-Fi service comes in response to a keenly-felt need by passengers for connectivity at the airports.

ANA RSS Feeds | Page 12 | ANA – Aeroportos de Portugal

This service directly contributes to their documehto and comfort, thereby improving customer experience. In order to facilitate access to the service, VINCI Airports has chosen to install a simple connection system that uses a very short form, avoiding the need to download software. Passengers can now surf the web for free from the moment they arrive at the airport until it is time to board their flights. The Wi-Fi facility will also enable other associated services to be developed e. This service illustrates our policy of providing innovative customer service, in an effort to continually improve customer experience at our airports.

It is a strong sign of the digitisation of our airport platforms, a feature that forms an integral part of our offering. The Wi-Fi service is being operated in partnership with Nomosphere, an important wireless operator on the French and international market. As from tomorrow Faro Airport digitalmentd have new rules for car access to the arrivals and departures curbside areas.

Access for the general public is guaranteed, free of charge, for picking up and dropping off passengers. In this way, dropping off or fwo up someone from Faro Airport will be a faster, calmer, and more comfortable experience, as users will be able to stop next to the terminal itself.

The idea, however, is to discourage repeated curbside use and, as such, there will be document charge for the third time of use within 24 hours. Public buses will not be charged. Taxis dropping off passengers will not be subject to any fees if they use digitalmnte bus lane in departures. Taxis collecting passengers will remain at the space currently available for this purpose, which will have reserved access for valid permit holders.

Tourism buses and hotel shuttles will have their own spaces suitable for airport access parks P5 and P6 respectively.

Car rental companies without premises at Faro Airport already have parking spaces allocated through uj permit system.

The curbside at Faro Airport is currently affected by various operational restrictions and environmental considerations, largely caused by imbalances in types rao access and misuse by private and business users outside ANA airport activity.

In light digitalnente the congestion identified, the aim is to streamline accessibility, reorganising access to passenger terminals in the process, by promoting the operational efficiency, security, and the environmental sustainability of its use. In practice, use of this space for excessive amounts of time is discouraged, so that there is no disruption to users and airport operations as a whole, especially at peak times, nor increased security risks.

Dcoumento curbside is a critical, reserved space: It is essential to encourage responsible use of these spaces in order to provide a better experience for all users.

By improving the experience of users, we are improving the image that will remain with people in terms of the service and comfort of our airport.

This issue is particularly relevant given that airports are one of the main gateways for tourists into our country. This new route completes the airline’s wide range of international destinations and leaves no doubt that Porto is becoming an increasingly important European and global tourist destination.


It is important to mention that this new route is part of this airline’s investment in Portugal, as it also increased flights to Lisbon from 10 to 14 a week. Also, as Turkish Airlines and TAP are members of Star Alliance and have a code-sharing agreement, the number of connections to and from Porto increases considerably, making it easier to reach and therefore directly benefiting local and regional tourism. It increases Porto Airport’s connections with the rest of the world.

This new route will be another major contribution to the increase in traffic at Porto Airport, which will consolidate its position as the primary airport in the North-West of the Iberian Peninsula. A total of 1. Airport Carbon Accreditation is an initiative of ACI Airports Council International and is a specific programme for the management of carbon emissions at airports.

Through this programme, ACI assesses and acknowledges the efforts made by airports to manage and reduce their carbon emissions, with four levels of recognition: The calculation of the carbon footprint of the ANA airports is checked by an external, independent entity, which further reinforces the credibility of the emission levels stated by the company of the VINCI Airports Group.

In the European region, the 90 accredited airports represent You can find more information on this topic at http: With a view to contributing to the development of tourism in the Municipality of Lisbon, together with the fact that ANA’s new Incentive Plan for the Promotion of Air Traffic and Tourism, due to come into force in the next IATA Summer Season, applies to all the airports in the network except Lisbon International Airport, ANA has agreed to take responsibility for paying the aforementioned air passenger arrival tax for This means that passengers themselves will not have to pay the tax for this period.

As the entity responsible for the payment, safeguarding, control and monitoring of the tax, ANA has also agreed to make an advance payment of three million euros by 31 Assinwr.

This sum relates to the months from April to October, with the amount for the remainder of the year being payable by 31 January The monies to be paid by ANA as air passenger arrival tax will be used exclusively by the Fund for the Development and Tourism Documeto of Lisbon, which is to finance a series of structural investments.

ANA estimates that the Protocol will generate revenue for the municipality, corresponding to what would actually have been paid by taxable passengers, of somewhere between 3, and 4, euros. Alameda das Comunidades Portuguesas Aeroporto de Faro Aeroporto da Madeira Aeroporto do Porto Santo Aeroporto de Ponta Delgada Aeroporto de Santa Maria Apartado Aeroporto da Horta Castelo Branco.

Santa Cruz das Flores A ANA tem um vasto leque de oferta de estacionamento. O bilhete deve ser apresentado juntamente com o voucher antes de sair do parque, de forma a ser validado. Para seu usufruto, disponibiliza uma grande diversidade de bebidas, snacks e produtos portugueses.

Assim, recomenda-se sempre que reserve tempo para estes procedimentos. O consentimento dado pelo utilizador pode ser retirado a qualquer momento. Menos filas, maior rapidez. As melhores viagens passam pelas nossas lojas.

Assinatura Digital – FP2 Tecnologia

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