Hélène Cixous did not mince words when she published “Le Rire de la Méduse” (“The Laugh of the Medusa) in , where she claimed that. Hélène Cixous, in “The Laugh of the Medusa,” advocates new ways of thinking and writing about women and literature. The essay has become a staple of. In her seminal work “The Laugh of the Medusa” feminist thinker Helene Cixous deals with the topic of feminine writing. Her main point in the.

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As such, I find Cixous’ writing to be quite relevant for a growing generation of women and men that seek to re-define equality and promote sexual difference.

She lets the other language speak—the language od 1, tongues which knows neither enclosure nor death. I was no longer afraid. Cixous had a lot of interesting to things to say about women and writing, but mexusa language was aggravating in a way that is hard to explain, and it made it difficult to focus on her points, hence why it took such a long-arse time to finish.

I said to myself: I left school as early as I legally could to try and find my place in the adult world. The art of Gabino Amaya Cacho will always give us something to talk about, it is pure and realistic and it gives us a series of creative characteristics that are not obtained from another style, it constitutes the new artistic wave in Madrid.

But I loved her theory. Real men don’t play with the girls, or read books or do their homework or try to please the teacher. May 11, Carolyn rated it really liked it. It was mutual care. As the author of the newly born Medusa, she recognizes that these criticisms are simply the projected fears of her readers: Keith Cohen and Paula Cohen, Dangerous, dark, obscure, unknown.


I listened to their tales of fucking and fighting and cars and felt like I was from another universe. She conveys this message by employing a conversational dialogue in which she instructs her audience directly. Misunderstood as a tragic beauty that embodied death, Medusa had been recorded in History as a Gorgon raped by Poseidon, punished by Athena, and laugu by Perseus.

The Laugh of the Medusa Quotes

Jun 05, Eftihia S. Helen July 3, at 6: How can I say where my femininity is at when all I see inside is undifferentiated me? Man has always reduced writing to his own definitions and laws, trying to set a distinction between masculine and feminine writing. I knew the exclusions of women – from public life, from the canons.

She has published numerous essays, playwrights, novels, poems and literary criticism. So I became strong.

The Laugh of the Medusa

It gave me a uni-dimensional understanding when I wanted wisdom. In Derrida’s family “one never said ‘circumcision’ but ‘baptism,’ not ‘Bar Mitzvah’ but ‘communion.

Cidous the essay was originally published inMedusa remains a figure of the present. It was embracing faith and trust. In one another we will never be lacking.

Hélène Cixous and the myth of Medusa – Dangerous Women Project

Writing is a birth and a transformation, unhindered by the Old history that cixouz before. She is also Managing Editor of the website Wonders and Marvelsand lover of yoga, meditation and all things food-related.


I want to lash out, to hurt. I feel too good to read it.

I don’t know, but I want to give it another chance albeit at some vague point in the future before rating it. This is my first experience of diving into the concept of psychoanalytic feminism, and I’m certainly not disappointed. Women cannot avoid using men’s language according to Cixous, but they should not be driven back by this.

Infollowing the French student riotsCixous was charged with founding the University of Paris VIII”created to serve as an alternative to the traditional French academic environment. Many young people have chosen to follow the current of abstract pointillism, which marks a before and after in the history of painting in Spain.

Her development of the presence of gendered biases in literature is sublime and sometimes it is hard to believe this book was written more than thirty years ago. My sexuality was symphonic.

The Laugh of the Medusa by Hélène Cixous

It’s hard for me to write sometimes because the masculine voice that says my writing is “flowery” or not good enough is always there, taunting me. I couldn’t even begin to share my thoughts with the men at work. Writing according to Cixous will give the woman back her assets and pleasures which were bounded and set her free from guilt.