CISSP aide memoire (e) v4 – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. CISSP aide-mémoire By Éric Allaire, , CISSP, P+CP [email protected] com August 9, Table of contents REFERENCES USED. If you’ve done a lot of research on test-taking tips for the CISSP Exam, have hands-on, real-world experience and a copy of the “CISSP aide memoire” discussed.

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To keep myself busy over the next few weeks I had decided to pursue my FITSP-M certification so I worked on that after I got back home and having been working towards it as a distractor while I waited for my results.

Heading in the Right Direction When I started my current job as Information Assurance Manager, my supervisor asked me what training I wanted to take and what certifications I felt would be helpful in performing my job duties.

Passing the CISSP Exam

Additionally I thank my parents and my brother who were supportive and confident in my ability to conquer this beast. Please forward your comments for insertion into the original document.

I gave it seven out of ten because it is a solid resource as a high-level go-to book for understanding the basics of a specific concept, explained cissp graphics and charts. We stopped for lunch and then broke for the day. The Wheat and the Chaff.

These videos followed the VTE course in my study plan. On the flight I entertained myself by reading some more. Having now completed the review seminar I can say this book was most on-par with the level of detail required when learning the CBK. After a solid night of sleep I awoke early then went downstairs to check in with the front desk to find out where the seminar was being held.

  ASTM E709 08 PDF

My CISSP Experience – A Study Plan Memoir

Rinse and repeat Just as I expected, I was moving along memolre a relatively fast pace. To those who are not prepared ahead of time with a base knowledge of the CBK and the various domains, the seminar and related content can be instantly overwhelming and provide an unequaled mental pounding that would be tough to overcome in time to be prepared for the exam on Sunday.

I found the movie theater and for the first time in my life I watched a movie… alone. I can confidently say that it was the most intense educational experience of my life. Study Habits and Learning Style. Study Habits and Learning Style I designed a study plan that relied on computer based training CBT resources, videos, books, practice questions and ultimately a review seminar before the exam at the end of my journey to CISSP certification.

This would probably be a good book for someone just getting started or looking to review or brush-up xissp their knowledge. I found the room and dropped my books off and grabbed a quick breakfast. I think four out of ten might even be a bit generous.

Especially helpful posts include the following: Reword the question to ensure the answer cssp 7. Without her support and understanding I would not have been able to achieve this milestone. I tended to not focus on finding errors in memojre resources since I was pulling information from so many cjssp that all the good overruled the bad in the end anyways. That evening I received the acknowledgment email stating that they had received my paperwork and that it was in the queue for validation.

An excellent reference resource. I picked up a copy for a few bucks used and took it with me on a trip to Arizona, leaving me with plenty of time in the airport and on the plane to read through it.

I completed this memorie the first step in my study plan. First and foremost I thank my wife for her support in this endeavor. I found the level of detail to be good, going into more depth than the VTE course, but not too deep.


Overall it took me nine months of csisp to arrive at the day of the exam. Many have complained that these are too fast-paced, but I enjoyed them and found them to be a perfect tempo for me as anything slower becomes boring for me and then I have a hard time staying on task. This could be considered a close cousin of the aide memoire, in that it presents as much information as possible in a small package.

CISSP aide-mmoire – Table of contents

I found that my best bang-for-the-buck in preparing for the exam was CBT training and videos. Only the five of us from the Training Camp group were sitting the exam, so the instruction and preparation phase went pretty quickly. We said goodbye to the instructor and he wished us the best on the exam and encouraged us to relax for the rest of the day.

Secondary Resources These were resources I looked at to some extent, but were not primary sources in my study plan. These were resources I looked at to some extent, but were not primary sources in my study plan.

These posts include aise of the most crucial information needed for the exam, and are a sampling of the countless helpful posts and forum members that are willing to assist others in obtaining the knowledge required for certification. Travel Plans…and Turbulence Ahead! Putting All the Pieces Together.