Chronoforms is the best Joomla form builder, build any kind of into database or Google sheets, you may also export it to CSV/XLS/PDF files. Greyhead. net. How-to docs and tutorials ChronoForms How-to doc. Excel export extras ChronoForms allows you to export records to Excel and CSV formats. Joomla Chronoform v3 Email not being sent. I have solved The CSV Export [GH] action is included in ChronoForms v4 if that’s what you are using. You can.

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The FAQs had suggestions about how to use the Mambot and should have been updated by now.

ChronoForms 3.1 for Joomla! Site Cookbook by Bob Janes

Ease of chhronoforms As it has quite some functionalities, you need to find your way. Excellent Component – Can’t believe it is free Ki Sum 3. Clear, concise, straight with a code example, so I solved my problem in the first try.

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I accomplished more in about 90 minutes on Breezing Forms than on about 5 hours puzzling out Chronoforms.

Building a complex multi-page form. Help us improve by sharing your feedback. Create form can’t be more easier. GPLv2 or later Type: I was actually looking wxport a way to do it dynamically using Javascript.


Any form that is connected to a database, and has at least a few records saved, chronoformms be fine to test this. Go to different url depending on value of 2 dropdowns.

I’ve been using the free Chronoforms 3 for a while now, on various websites. Adding a character counter to a textarea.


It has saved me hours of work. I have seen other reports of problems with exporrt sqlsrv library and there were some reported problems with ChronoForms v5 and some MS SQL queries. Once you had things working, though, it worked really well.

Adding your own HTML. Posts reporting and topics manual activation by admins. The key is to select it to be a destination type goal and set that to your thank you page url. A Joomla forums extension for all your needs, simple with lots of features: Multiple times clicking form data saves that many records in chrome.

I didn’t have any bad experience the first time I used it besides it’s free so there’s nothing to lose trying it and it worked perfect. Getting your e-mails delivered safely.

You’re currently viewing a course logged out Sign In. Posted on 05 September Intuitive “GUI” popped out ahead of the competition within 15 minutes of testing. ChronoForms is more than 10 years old, started at the early Joomla days, today it has a HUGE list of features and a very easy to use interface to help you build any type of form you may need, some of the features included are:.


In the column “Connected Tables” you can choose the table you want to see. It works well, but is a bit of a pain to set up initially.

Functionality Seems good to me. Adding your own CSS styling.

How do i have my chronoforms send me email as excel? – [OSTraining Support Forum]

I have solved my issue – the problem was with the hosting server! The third row shows a parent id of 1 which would be the root asset but if it is in a category it should be saved with a parent id equal to the category asset id. Building forms for your Joomla! Your first table can be set up using the settings in the ChronoForms Create Table dialogue, but you should leave out the columns for the three multiplier elements. Do you give us your consent to do so for your previous and future visits? If you want to do something like this you need to make sure that there is always some pattern that you can look for.

I’m not clear where you have that On Submit code in your form.