For official/media queries or to invite Chetan as a speaker contact [email protected] / [email protected] Call/SMS: +91 / Revolution is one of the best selling noels written by Chetan Bhagat, who is one of the great authors. Download the eBook from below download link. Get all Chatan Bhagat Books Here: Hot Deal Download all the books of Chetan Revolution pdf link: Revolution by Chetan Bhagat – PDF Drive. 6.

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Of course, most engineers want to do an MBA. It should be expanded to provide more balanced coverage that includes real-world context.

Revolution – Chetan Bhagat

At one point, you may realize that the author has done good research to make the story a real one. If he avoids this thing he can be a literary legend Not to forget revoution up to the mark Englishit was a sarcasm by me.

I liked listening to this book. The reason is the cleanliness of plot Not that clean but still cleaner than the rest and simplicity of minds. I love him because he forced a generation to read and inspired a breed of authors to follow his footprints. FictionJuvenile worksJuvenile fiction Material Type: Raghav becomes a celebrity in the town after he passes the Indian Institute of Technology entrance exam. It is high time for a real Revolution to take actually take place.

Dendi rated it really liked it. Once upon a time, in small-town India, there lived two intelligent boys. There is no student Union in BHU since I agree with him. View all 7 comments. He is the epitome of the Indian politician, ‘I will arrange for it’ being his favourite sentence throughout the book. What happens in the end is a very messy affair between all of them and you left wondering about the aim of the book.


Chetan Bhagat-One Indian Girl (2016) – Copy.pdf

Momo Takai Best Of Fresh. Revolution by Chetan Bhagath.

Are you ready for the revolution? He quit his international investment banking career into devote his revolutioj time to writing. It very rightly brings out the issues of corruption in the Indian educational system.

How is it all going on? On the whole, worth to read and wait for its motion picture!! And by the end you will be in awe of the protagonist. Yes, it is a mercy that the abominable sentence construction still persists. This book has many shades.

Many of the students out there would be able to identify with the main characters failure in getting an admission into an iit or getting a better rank.

The faculty of Gopal’s college ‘GangaTech’ as also the people involved in its establishment play a very significant role in the book. I don’t know where to start with! And well, was I disappointed? One good thing abt dis book is that it can be made into a typical bollywood masala film.! He has a different style of describing a girl! A solid cute begining, felt boring fiiletype the middle and again a gripping ending!! This article consists almost entirely of a plot summary. He seemed to brag about himself in the first couple of pages by listing his achievements in the dragged form of a story if ever there was one.

Much more effective in sending a message. If you are looking for path breaking, revolutionizing stuff. Still I have read all of his works and follow his articles on regular basis. Stay filstype from this book. Aarti likes Raghav and Gopi was her best friend.

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When you read a book were the three main characters are two guys and a girl you kind of have an idea of where the plot will take you. Many a night from this day on, I will wake up bathed in cold sweat, realizing with terror that Bhagat used the word ‘ironically’ correctly.

Oct 07, Claussius rated it liked it. Two boys try to get When you name your novel Revolutionone 20020 a kind of soul searching, revolutionary story about a country that needs change more than ever. All the hatred for gopal turns into sympathy towards the end. Hence, the same coaching-class cycle would begin again. The author stated that the novel is based on the “rampant corruption” apparent in the Indian youth educational system, with the choice of Varanasi as a setting emerging through “a special connection to the city” following his visit.

Elementary and junior high school, Fiction, Audio book, etc. It’s Dark and Hell Is Hot: View all 6 comments. They have their own ambitions. When you name your novel Bhaatone expects a kind of soul searching, revolutionary story about a country that needs change more than ever. A father figure and mentor to Gopal, Shukla also is a good person, only if that is what you want to believe.

You are quite stupid.