1. St. Thomas Aquinas: The Dumb Ox. G. K. Chesterton . tabloid manner, of the Dumb Ox of Sicily passes all digestive experiments in the matter of an ox in a. Title: St. Thomas Aquinas Author: G. K. Chesterton * A Project Gutenberg of . But to make a digest, in the tabloid manner, of the Dumb Ox of Sicily passes all. Saint Thomas Aquinas has ratings and reviews. booklady said: This is my second complete read of rton’s classic treatment of the “Ange.

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Thomas will make a return in the modern world. They lived entirely off of voluntary donations. Aug 18, Marcos Junior rated it it was amazing Shelves: Chesterton packs more theology and philsophy into this slim volume, and makes it much more accessible, than any massive tome on same subject. Thomas was the youngest child of an influential Italian noble family. He’s incredibly smart and from what I’ve read about him, a very versatile and deep author. Yet he showed absolute single-mindedness in pursuing his fundamental aim: Feb 27, Tom rated it really liked it Shelves: Gilbert Keith Chesterton was born in London, educated at St.

We meet a man who would stop at no boundary in his quest for truth, who would passionately defend against insane and unimaginable errors.

The saint always occupies the middle ground of common sense and the essence of Christianity, according to Chesterton. I did not know much about Aquinas before I read this book. Quotes from Saint Thomas Aqui It’s a tasty little nugget that admirably fulfills its stated purpose of whetting the appetite for a more complete biography of St.


Although Aquinas had little knowledge of Greek or Hebrew, as a theologian he was unrivalled in intellectual power, capable of dictating to four secretaries at the same time.

Return to Book Page. I am not going to rate it because GK Chesterton is a Catholic icon. But what it severely lacks in biographical data which, of chestfrton, was not the author’s aim it makes up for in immense creative use of certain significant events in the great saint’s life.

It did a great job of forcing me to read Chesterton’s nonfiction, which has always eluded me when I’ve tried it before. Read this for our July book club.

That is not to say that the book wasn’t good, but it did mean that I will be reading another book to actually get a more linear biography of Aquinas’s life. The writing style, while entertaining, chases rabbits everywhere.

It’s confirms my belief that all such books should be written by intelligent laymen instead of academic specialists. First, the author does not give a coherent narrative of Thomas’ life. And he’s a marvelous stylist, to boot, with a devilish, droll wit in his voice. I know this is a highly-respected work, and I do respect it. Although he never finished this work it became over the centuries, pace the Scotists, the bedrock of Catholic orthodoxy.

The ‘dumb ox’ who became the greatest of the medieval Doctors of the Church | Catholic Herald

As a member of the Dominican Order, St. Compared with all of the philosophies that came after, Chesterton praises Thomism as the obviously superior and the only practical philosophy. Lumbering and shy — his classmates dubbed him “the Dumb Ox” — he led a revolution in Christian thought. Open Preview See a Problem? His turns of phrases are fantastical and are so well stated, sometimes hard to understand, but mostly proverbs that leave you thinking, “Yes!


As it happens, very little is known about the details of his life, though he was related to half the big guns of the s. It is uncritically complimentary of Thomas, and only filled with praise of him, even or especially when noting his flaws.

The Dumb Ox Summary & Study Guide

Chesterton has made me think clearly and in a new way in more than one place, and has made me smile in dozens; and he done so while teaching me about one of the greatest minds I’ve ever read and some others along the way. Thomas had always been a very quiet and reserved individual, so his father arranged for him to enter the Benedictine monastery at Monte Casino.

His Catholicism dominates his reasoning. And also knows alot of other things – like the writings of Aristotle, Plato, and Pliny, to name just a few.

Saint Thomas Aquinas

Prices quoted are in Australian dollars and are inclusive of GST. For a journalist and popular writer, he is remarkably unwilling to get to the point. I learned about the medieval era and mind, very nice indeed.

Thomas Aquinas – Understanding 6 13 Aug 09,