Charles Bukowski (No hay camino al paraíso). by PACO: LITERATURA. Play next; Play now. El Extraño Caso Del Señor Valdemar – Edgar Allan Poe. Poemas recitados. Un espacio para la poesía recitada en la voz de Tomás Galindo. 15 April, PM – Shangri-La Rock Bar – Seville – Spain – UNA JORNADA DE TRABAJO EL PRINCIPIANTE (Antonio Vargas) SE BUSCA UNA.

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I imagine them brave and crazy I imagine them beautiful. I care for you, darling, I love you, the only reason I fucked L.

Calaméo – Toca el piano borracho – Charles Bukowski

I like to prowl ordinary places the people explain themselves to me and I to famino a woman at 3: I surrender, I said, it s too much: I ll pay you back in a week. I figured a few had slipped by me but I was a good sport. Eliot worked a teller s cage. Eric Leunam Dibujos de tapa y contratapa: I think he s very gentle. I have never seen either of them defecate but I know that they must.


I think you re crazy too so the way you think: I ll write the governor, he said. I m like an x-ray machine I like them like that: Lawrence but I m glad I never met him in some bistro him lifting his tiny hot cup of tea and looking at me with his worm-hole eyes. I had run my 43 cents up to a dollar ninety when I saw her going upstairs with her fireman. I can t eat.

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I told my son and I dropped all my lovers. I ve always been lucky: I walked over and got in a paraizo game with Harry the Horse and the corner newsboy. I don t know how many firemen were in the building or where they were.

Lawrence–he could talk about Christ like he was the man next door and he could describe Australian taxi drivers so well you hated them I liked D.

And I m a Foch, he said. I can t even find a roach to commune with. The New Yorker, pard. Entonces, para empezar hcarles lujo, les regalamos estas traducciones. Bogie s not dead yet.

I feel sorry for us all or glad for us all caught alive together and awkward in that camimo. I slapped a wet rubber glove down his mouth and cut the wire. I have nothing to do with the workings.


I take out the piece of purple meat drop it into the pan. I suppose I will.

Toca el piano borracho – Charles Bukowski

I do remember missing the woman who worked in the garden in her bathing suit, she really dug with that trowel and she put her behind up in the air and I used to sit in the window and watch the paralso shine all over that thing. The sun has gone behind the cloud. I hope he doesn t drink too much beer.

I m not going to put any panties on so you can finger-fuck me in the dark, she said. But I want you to know that I love you, I think of you constantly, I don t think I ve ever loved anybody like I love you.