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With the architecture, the performance of a show is not impaired by the failure of one lamp unit which would cause it to continually transmit data, thereby tying up one half of the duplex network directed from the units to the console. The control panel 84 can take many forms provided that it allows for direct manual control of the lamp units as well as for storing and recalling of cues for the system Although only one bit in the noted map has been changed, the entire map is now broadcast to all lamps simultaneously.

The logical and physical controllers report the various states of the unit apparatus directly to the state data manager. The data associated with the state packet received from the console is stored temporarily while additional validity checks are performed on the cue data memory. In servicing the read command, the command interpreter program checks the status byte of data in the command block being executed by the communications manager program.

No additional import charges on delivery. It can readily been seen that many thousands of commands must be generated for driving each parameter of each lamp for each of the cues within a performance. This data is packed into ten bytes of memory storage area. The control console 24 is connected to operate through the data link 26 for controlling a plurality of items of stage equipment.

No other response is necessary when the communication address is altered, until the timer interrupt occurs. Another control console 82 could be a director’s console, used by the lighting director during rehearsals to display data for cues other than the one currently being performed by the lamp units or to recall cues in the lamp units when the operator is away from the control console Interface and timing of the various circuit elements within the lamp processor system is provided by an interface and timing circuit Advanced Monolithics Model The switch is then identified and the respective response routine is called.


Both examples assume that all necessary RAM-based programs, together with the cue data, are in full synchronization with the console.

The subprograms are discussed in detail below, and include the command interpreter, the memory checksum test and the communications address scanning subprogram. A unique, operator-assigned cue number is kept in the first four bytes of each record of the cue data file, and navigafor used as an indexer for identifying that record.

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The response routine then issues a write command to the file manger program, using the record data received from the lamp unit. This block of memory contains a byte of data which is used to signal the status of the execution of the read command. Instead, each lamp unit processor accomplishes the action required to achieve a change for that unit. For the present embodiment the circuit is used to control three wheels and one iris.

The angular speed information is further transmitted to an analog to digital converter which provides the digital form of the speed information to a latch Also, the failure of a stepper motor subsystem can be deduced from the failure of a search for navigatorr expected index input.

In the event of a more severe network transmission line problem, the console transmits broadcast message at most three times navigahor ensure the reception over a noisy communications line of at least one such message. The lamp units individually determine whether the navigatro in the rotary status of the console device requires a response in the particular lamp unit.

Velco Manchester encoders and are driven by an oscillator which provides inputs at a clock rate of 16 mHz.

Many of these programs report data directly to the state data manager program. The foregoing describes the operation of the system, assuming the initialization of the lamp units has navugator place.

As noted above, the communication path between the console and the lamp units are full duplex paths, i.

Shame, rig would have looked good with the pars. After the read command, a return to the main sequencer loop is executed. Some of the noted routines call for a combination of the above-specified actions. The foregoing is accomplished by the response routine in calling the file manager program to open the file with the lamps navigayor channel number in the cue data file directory.


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Celvo subprograms controlling, for example, stepper motors, implement conventional algorithms which output a cflco sequence of step commands to the motors. A controller is connected to operate the hard disk drive and is connected to the remainder of the circuit of console 24 through the data bus and address bus In accordance with the navigtor examples set forth above showing the console processor operations in response to the selection of the lamp for manual ceoco, and for storing cue data, the two examples are repeated below for showing the actions taken by the lamp unit processors.

An invertor has the input thereof connected to the junction of resistor and capacitor With this new configuration, all cue memory for instantaneous recall is maintained in each individual lamp unit memory. The system 20 of the present invention is designed to overcome many of these problems while providing the capability for almost unlimited expansion in the number of lamps which can be utilized at any one time for a performance.

In the preferred form of the invention, the programmable communications circuits are set up to store the lamp unit reply in the memory space specified by the network state response routine. I can go on ebay and find a used Pearl or Hog for the same price.

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This results in a considerable saving of time and enhancement of reliability. Add to Watch list. The cue data associated with each unit lamp is identified by a file identifier which includes the console control channel to which the unit is assigned. An example is presented for operation of a wheel, such as a color wheel, by a stepper motor.