K Zildjian cymbals are known for their dark, warm sound that harkens back to the original K cymbals developed by Zildjian in 19th Century. Turkey. We use. All later Avedis Zildjian stamps have dot dot dash dash at the bottom of the Image: Zilco TRADE MARK stamp in WFL Catalog .. This seems to be the case in his original essay, and to have lasted until at least Avedis Zildjian info by year annotated with information and links: Avedis catalog lists Bop Flange Hats and Be-Bop cymbals 18″ to 26″ (Cymbal Book , p) AB change to pin lathing on K Cons; 15, 17, 19 crashes added.

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You can see this particularly in the A which is the letter they have in common. Fortunately there are two other ways to recognize Trans Stamps. Press the back button in your browser to go back to the previous page or back to the introduction page. Avedis Zildjian info by year annotated with information and links: Since I started looking more closely I’ve identified more than 5 variations of these Pre Trans stamps, and what I’ve found overturns the whole simple notion of “First” versus “Second”.

Cymbals | Zildjian

Some of these mid 50s cymbals have a Trans Stamp on them, some have a Large Stamp on them. But please don’t flood me with lots of these for the time being. Pick a drum catalog from and go datalogo the cymbal section; model listings will be there. I move the tape as required to get it in just the right place. No, create an account now. The ink on the top is much smaller and the style of the K is reminiscent of the Canadian Ks. But doing the construction adds certainty, and doing it up through the middle of the circular character adds accuracy.

The pre Trans Stamps also show very obvious hammer cqtalogo. By April the terminology has shifted on a bit, and we see Rock as cataloto Ride cymbal option.


Early 70s Zildjian ride models | [DFO] Drum Forum

There are no three dots in any Trans stamps. That still catalofo apply today but everything is labeled now and it seems that those labels have become more important than the sounds “I can’t play time on that cymbal, it says “crash” right on it”.

The red arrows point out the vertical alignment of the H over the E.

Avedis Zildjian Made In Canada This looks like a typical 70s stamp which lacks the bold Zildjian Codoes not have the three dotsand has a particular vertical alignment.

But ink stamps giving model and or weight appear to have been an Avedis Zildjian innovation which was around from the beginning. What remains elusive is a nice clear way to distinguish the three s hammering eras which works for most all cymbals. I’ve come across two more AZCO stamps which were also used, and there may be more. The 20″ added range is 2, – 2,g and the 22″ added range is 2, – 2,g.

Occasionally the Country of Origin line “MADE IN” may be missing for some other reason from a different die stamp poorly stamped in, or lathing grooves make it all but invisible. The top of the Ottoman is present on all examples of this stamp I’ve seen so far. This list is different from the short stamp which has the flaws at the top of the Ottoman, AED but not Iand the upper portion of the comma. But never ever think that one stamp ended on December 31st and another stamp replaced it on January 1st I just wasn’t paying attention to that sort of stuff.

Well this is vatalogo so easy to determine, because of course Zildjian keep their exact methods of production very close to their chests, and so they should. Zilco for Ludwig and Premier late 50s Image: That makes it easier to measure the distance accurately. How you do it isn’t obvious. But given what we know about the use of 3 stamping machines and thus 3 different dies of the same basic stamp plus the time lags between being manufactured and being stamped, it still isn’t clear whether there is chronology catalogp to be gained from SSA and SSB.


A gallery of the Avedis Trademark and Ink Logo eras

In the large Stamp there is a small gap before the E of Genuine. It depends on how the die stamp was pressed in on each individual cymbal.

There are still ways to tell the true Hollow Block from a 60s stamp which mimics this. Another thing to note is that in the English portion there are another three dots As far as the info Zildjian gave to them. That along with the dot in the dot dot dash dash assures accuracy in placement.

I would say that this site is best avoided unless you really know what you izldjian doing. Below is a picture of the stamp being measured with the ruler in place. But this may turn out to be because hardly anybody has been noticing that they are different.

Cursive A next to the model ink Image: If you have one, please get in touch. Telling a 50s from a 70s is that simple, although there are some cataloggo sophisticated uses of the line construction which allow for more distinctions among the Large Stamps vs 60s Stamps vs 70s.

Avedis Joins Zildjian on the top Image: But if you want to know more about what is really going on click here. With a strong stamp you may not need to do this. A list of the model changes is here.

The bottom has a solid ink Zildjian and the weight written under the bell.