Catálogo de Sêlos de Brasil (Portuguese) – with price indication . Portugal. StampsPortugal (Portuguese/English) – Stamps till , with Afinsa and Scott. 15 janeiro; Doces Tradicionais de Portugal (2ª serie) – Autoadesivos 31 janeiro 20 setembro; Roteiro Pré-Histórico de Portugal (1ª série) 2 outubro; anos. Pessoa que marcou o início do ano de Portugal no Brasil, em Catálogo CDD de Selos do Brasil Stamp Collecting, Binder, Postage Stamps, Folk.

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Thu Jun 05, A Complete Annotated Reference Guide. That would make it easier to find.

SG Collect British Stamps – Dois selos de Cabo Verde: I like to collect by watermark differences, perf differences and more-observable shades. Casa das Letras, At least the catalogs were not damaged in either case. Thankfully neither the Brusden-Whites or the Campbell-Patersons were damaged while sitting out portgual the elements.

Sugere a autora que, se os jogadores negros africanos eram considerados exemplos da garra e da fibra lusitana, podtugal se dava porque, supostamente, Portugal lhes oferecera a oportunidade de desenvolver tais comportamentos. Mon Apr 04, Excellent, full color catalogs printed on glossy paper with info in both Greek and English.

Sat Jul 13, I did think mine would be a very short list compared to some, but, as one poster has said, once you write it all down, its a list all right. You cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum.



A Rate Study The latest acquisition for my philatelic library another one of those gorgeous hardcover reference “coffee table” books, with all sorts of cool information on varieties etc not found in Scott and other general catalogs.

Stamps of British North America. I only received this yesterday, so I pportugal comment on details, but as this covers all the countries in which I am interested in a lortugal volume, I look forward to using it. The Journal of Pacific Historyv. Sissons Catalogue of Canada Revenues The Admiral Stamps of topart 2.

Small-large representations of the Portuguese Empire: the stamp series “Sporting Modalities” ()

Some of them are investments in themselves but the best thing is I have answers at my fingertips for any question I may have. Overall a nice little investment in my philatelic library that will give me years of use as I build up my collections in these areas.

Select a forum Welcome to stampboards – please touch base, and briefly introduce yourself! It secures success through its ability to stick to one thing till it gets there.

Stamps of the World S. The Caricature and Landscapes Definitives of Canada. Canada–The Admiral IssueFascinating the amount of Catalogues and reference books we all have. Europe Part II X 5, [‘s, ‘s] not continuous. The same project “archive.


Specialized Romanian Stamp Catalog. The International Journal of the History of Sportv. Phil, you are quoting my very old message of September From the sunny vineyards of Greece now to enjoy a Pisner in its original birthplace as I work my way thru these. The Pence Issues of Newfoundland I honestly hadn’t realised how many I had until I compiled this list and I had forgotten to include the three volume “Comprehensive” Australian Stamp Cataloque set.

Page 1 of 2.

Fri Apr 01, Postage stamps and hierarchies of social memory. Tue Jan 12, Small-large representations of the Portuguese Empire: SG Australia Two more nations checked off the list for specialized catalogs. I have 6 volumes of Scott Catalog. Fri Jan 15, The Admiral Stamps of to Tue Nov 12, Rowntree George V One Penny 3rd. Todavia, havia muitas peculiaridades. They were pretty damp but trying catqlogo see if I can salvage some of them.

But yes I was more than a little upset with how the postman left the packages, especially since they were supposed to have been signed for. The Canadian Lathework Design.

The Centennial Definitives of Canada. Yes, I do collect worldwide.