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These spaces were subsequently taken over mainly by Holt Renfrew Calgary and Nordstrom in Ottawa, Vancouver, and downtown Toronto[14] though Sears Canada retained the top floors of the former Toronto Eaton Centre location for its head offices. The catalogue became cuutler icon of Canadian culture, even appearing in many works of Canadian literature.

Sears Canada’s difficulties continued throughout the s; the company filed for creditor protection in June[15] forcing it to put all its stores in liquidation by October that year. Eaton’s College Street in Toronto, opened inis hwmmer Art Deco masterpiece, and is currently used as a retail, office and residential complex.

Literature | Eaton PowerSource

Not all former Eaton’s stores are architectural landmarks: The Toronto Eaton Centre is a tourist attraction in Toronto, with over one million visitors a week. Eaton’s difficulties were not all caused by external forces. To publicize the parade, Eaton’s published a number of books and records about a sad little bear called Punkinhead originally created by Charles Thorson who becomes Santa’s sidekick and takes part in Santa’s parade.

The company was considering reviving the defunct catalogue with an online presence. Many approaches to sales and service that are taken for granted by customers today were originally popularised by Timothy Eaton and his store. The Montreal Eaton Centre, however, is expected to be renamed at the conclusion of renovations announced in to merge the complex with the adjacent Complexe Les Ailes the site of the former Eaton’s store in downtown Montreal.


In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

The original downtown Vancouver store, on Hastings Street, also remains and now serves as the downtown Harbour Centre campus of Simon Fraser University. Over time, Eaton’s stores opened in other cities across the country. The seven-store experiment was not successful, and Sears Canada President Paul Walters was forced to resign.

The landmark red brick store, known as “the Big Store” to Winnipeggers, was a success. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Eaton’s.

This was mainly because of Eaton’s bankruptcy. Because of the prevalent language and cultural barriers of the English- and French-speaking Canadian populations, his family is unaware that the item could be exchanged, and they do not wish to offend Mr. It served an important economic role, as it broke local monopolies and allowed all Canadians access to the prices and selection enjoyed in some of the larger cities. For many years, the Winnipeg Eaton’s store was considered the most successful department store in the world, given how it dominated its local market.

As a result, the toe is much shinier than any other part of the statue.

Retrieved from ” https: It now sits in the city’s new arena, Bell MTS Placeone floor up from nearly the same spot where it stood in the old store. Archived from the original on 21 March A store was not originally part of the plans.

People often rubbed the toe of the statue’s left shoe since it is believed by some to bring good luck to do so. Retailing and land use trends in the last decades of the 20th century did not favour Eaton’s.


Sears Canada closed some Eaton’s stores, converted others to Sears stores, sold others to The Bay or Zellersand kept a number of downtown stores with the intention of relaunching Eaton’s now stylized eatons in as a more high-end, modern brand, with a lowercase “e” in a circle as its logo and a splashy ad campaign built around the colour aubergine. After the demise of Eaton’s, most stores were converted to other retail banners or other uses, with the downtown Winnipeg store generating the most controversy.

Over time, the catalogue became a less profitable operation, and by the s, it was a money-losing proposition. Many Canadians, particularly older Canadians, have fond memories of the Eaton’s stores and the catalogue. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

After a tussle with the Eaton family, who wanted to move the statue to St Marys, Ontario, the Manitoba government declared it a provincial heritage object. Orser, how could you?

Eaton Corporation Product Quick Search

InTimothy Eaton sold his interest in a small dry-goods store in the market town of St. This was unsuccessful and the company went bankrupt in August The pedestrian crosswalk on Queen Street West, just to the west of the intersection with Yonge Street, was for years one of the busiest in Canada, as thousands of shoppers a day comparison-shopped between Eaton’s and Simpson’s.

When the store was emptied in latevarious alternative uses cytler the building including residential condominiums were considered, and culter all rejected.