For some readers, grasping the work of Jorge Luis Borges, the acclaimed Let’s use the short story called The House of Asterion (La casa de. The House of Asterion (translated from the Spanish) by Jorge Luis Borges. And the queen gave birth to a son named Asterion. Apollodorus. 1 quote from La casa de Asterión: ‘Since then my loneliness does not pain me, because I know my redeemer lives and he will finally rise above the dust.’.

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Cierta impaciencia generosa no ha consentido que yo aprendiera a leer. Africa Asia Oceania Europe Americas.

The House of Asterion

On the shore of the god of evening The chorus prays for deliverance from the plague Rainer Maria Rilke: Blogs of the World. Mads Gilbert, a physician working in Gaza killing us while we are sleeping Another stunning sunset: Modern Language Quarterly, 20, NYPD chokeslam, broken leg, plain sight perpwalk show — American dream glass half full? Need I repeat that there are no closed doors?

Hasta mis detractores admiten que no hay un solo mueble en la casa. No trace of blood remained. Yours is very good.

Translated: La Casa de Asterión becomes The House of Asterion | Anagrammatically Correct

Varun Parev in Armenian language A certain generous impatience has not consented that I should learn to read. Point Joe Erasing the Forgotten: This site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3. Sometimes I deplore this, for the nights and days are long.


I love this story! Plot summary [ edit ] The story takes the form of a monologue by Asterion. Contents Pages contents more contents yet more contents contents 4. Here one will find a house like no other on the face of the Earth. However, by dint of exhausting the courtyards with pools and dusty gray stone galleries I have reached the street and seen the temple of the Axes and the sea.

Should I add that there are no locks? This is an excellent translation!! Everything is repeated many times, fourteen times, but two things in the world seem to be repeated only once: With great reverence I tell him: Into the Ukraine Vladimir Mayakovsky: The ceremony lasts a few minutes. Rereading and rewriting traditions: The voice also changes to that of Theseus talking to Ariadne. He begins by suggesting that certain defamatory claims—that he is arrogant, or misanthropic, or mad—are untrue.

Asterion is locked up in his house with no obvious explanation as to why and lives there on his own, spending the majority of his time pretending, and interacting with his imaginary friend — which is a projection of himself. Muy interesante la nota. Hermes — she was already lost Wislawa Szymborska: He reworks myths into new stories and borrows an idea or a few lines from classical texts and invents new literature.


Of course, I am not without distractions. Hamza Have Mercy Mr. Like a ram on the charge, I asteruon through the galleries of stone until dizzily I cawa to the ground. I think this gives us a clue as to how Borges saw him visually. Con grandes reverencias le digo: The End Mahmoud Darwish: Silence for Gaza Emily Dickinson: Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. Obama, do you have a heart?


Linguistics, language and verbal art.

There is also a reference to the Labyrinth of Egypt, a real building complex in the province of Fayoum, Egypt. Should I add that there are no locks? Hay caas desde las que me dejo caer, hasta ensangrentarme.

Borges also hints at the fact that Asterion is a monster, and a very lonely one at that, through the panic felt by the town dwellers the time Asterion ventures out of his house. The fact is that I am unique. The house is the size of the world; better said, it is the world. The Battle of Sempach Simon Schuchat: If I may say dasa without sounding condescending: