(Romanian Edition). by Carlos Ruiz Zafon Umbra vintului (Romanian Edition). by Carlos Ruiz Zafon Umbra vântului. by Carlos Ruiz. Umbra Vantului – Carlos Ruiz Zafon. 71 likes. Book. Carlos Ruiz Zafón is a Spanish novelist. Contents. 1 Biography; 2 Literary career; 3 Bibliography. Young adult; Novels; Short stories. 4 Influences; 5.

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With a book like this I am almost, ALMOST tempted to give up my most pedantic and pretentious thoughts, paralells and character development–this story is a story and it’s just that good. The world war, which had polluted the entire globe with a stench of corpses that would never go away. He evidently was told that to be a writer you have to make everything as descriptive as possible, and then he decided that meant that each noun had to be modified three, always three, and only three times.

Why in the world should I feel differently this time? With a bit more attention to actual plot and character development, this could have been one of my favourite books. The atmosphere is built on a classic Gothic setting. I had never known the pleasure of reading, of exploring the recesses of the soul, of letting myself be carried away by imagination, beauty, and the mystery of fiction and language.

Far from me the intent of spoiling the story to you, so I’ll just say this: While I believed the sex about Zafon’s characters, done in secret and with fathers chasing down the culprits, how could they find out they were pregnant the next day? What was it exactly that made it so easy for me to overlook the imperfections and blemishes of this story – the not-uncommon sexist male gaze, the telenovela-like melodramatic developments, the sometimes strange choices of inserting exposition into the narrative flow.


Which brings me to my next point. Xafon embarks on a mission to solve the mystery of the author’s story being watched by a revengeful cop and the book burner himself.

Carlos Ruiz Zafón

I always hope historical fiction will showcase a more accurate moral setting, but it rarely happens. Which I didn’t, by the way. Last section – Nuria Munfort to the end.

Daniel Sempere vantullui a promise never to tell where he he found it and protect it as his most precious possession. This is an excellent piece of literature. Jul 08, Simon rated it it was amazing. He stood up and vantuului the curtains to let in the pale glint of dawn. People talk too much. The story has heart and soul and it nobly champions the underdog in an unjust world. What fascinated me most as Daniel started to get entangled in the mysterious web of the book and its author’s carlls, was how Daniels life began to mirror Carax the author of the book.

Shadows are everywhere, and things lurk in them, be sure of that. I leaned over to cover him with the blanket he had been promising to give away to charity for years, and I kissed his forehead, as if by doing so I could protect him from the invisible threads that kept him away from me, from that tiny apartment, and from my memories.


Carlos Ruiz Zafon Umbra Vantului

Oct 17, Kevin Ansbro rated it it was amazing Shelves: A story is a letter the author writes to himself to tell himself things he would be unable to discover otherwise. Did you vanntului me?

What else could Daniel do but clung to the blessing and run You cared about the story and it was a tragity and avntului all the same, simply because you were invested in these people and what became of them.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Narrated by a young Daniel Sempere, it chronicles his transformation from a child to a young man in a Francoist post-war Spain, his loves and obsessions, carlox brushes with the world of mysteries and reality – both of these worlds equally dangerous and fascinating.

Death is a constant threat – at every turn, for every character – until it bears umbrz gravity. At last, yes, at last! Yes, Romantic lit is full of cliche, but the thing is to do it in an intriguing way and with enough wit to keep your audience interested. To ask other readers questions about The Shadow of the Windplease sign up.