Brunton transit compasses: instruction manual (15 pages). Compass Brunton ECLIPSE Instruction Manual. Brunton compasses: instruction manual . Manuals and User Guides for Brunton ECLIPSE We have 2 Brunton ECLIPSE manuals available for free PDF download: Instruction Manual. The Brunton Eclipse combines all the tools you need for easy navigation. This unit offers three separate clinometer systems and much more. -.

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To me, that is very important if you are trying to route plan on a table, which more than likely has metal in it, and can mess your bearings without you ever knowing. Very neat and fast concept.

Brunton ECLIPSE 8099 Manuals

This section explains positioning on a USGS 7. With the Suunto, we had a bunch of lines to just make parallel, and we solved this issue. I have tried small clipboards, but even find those too cumbersome.

Journeys in East Africa: The Figure 12 the sight hole. I simply picked the two expensive compasses, from two very popular manufacturers and compared them together.

Again, we have both a line on the sighting mirror and a line opposite the capsule for proper alignment. To be fair to each of these compasses, I used a surefire P60 and illuminated the compass in dark conditions for 10 seconds and took photos to see to see the result. I carried and used one for years and even though I love the manuql, and the construction of them, I abandoned them because of the simplicity of this method.


For many reasons, beyond the intentions of this brjnton, I am a huge advocate of the baseplate style compass. Most compasses require a shot of light to activate the charge the glow thingies. Not just paint, but pins. We know where we are and where we want to go. With it not adjusted declination, it is no big deal because you have all the meridian lines in there as well. The first, smaller one allows you to do non-sighted and sighted bearings.

By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. I adjusted the declination, and you can see it basically skews the doghouse with respect to the meridian lines. Even better, the whole bezel illuminates.


Don’t have an account? Page of 36 Go.

Now, find the map bearing from one position to another. Conveniently, Suunto provided another index line for reading the back bearing, among other things. I am quite disappointed in the usability of this compass under these conditions. However, it is inevitable that continuing on the trail is preferable to bivouacking.

Still, I think you should do what you can to keep chemical and oils 8099 your compass, but sometimes you just need to know what your stuff can 80099.

Both compasses carry a list of features you would expect to see on this type of compass. You then have to get it past the detent to open it all the way for map work.


The problem with this is that if the paint rubs off just because of use, they are gone for good. I like having it. Got it, continue to print. Suunto The Suunto has an adjustment screw on the back, and a supplied tool on the lanyard.

Now, line up the compass edge with the line. Place a “point” at a starting position and an “X” at a destination.

Yet, when it is too low you can not see the line opposite the capsule to make sure alignment is correct. First thing to note here is that the bearing is read on the user side of the manuxl.

Position compass at eye-level with mirror extending outward to the left. Pictured is the Manua M-3G with global needle. Nothing big, but it is just different that most compasses, where it is read on the farther end of the capsule. While these are both top end sighting compasses from two very reputable manufacturers, they vary greatly in style.