quotes from The Ragamuffin Gospel: Good News for the Bedraggled, Beat- Up, and Burnt Out: ‘My deepest awareness of myself is that I am deeply loved by. The Ragamuffin Gospel is a book about the essence of Christianity by former Franciscan priest Brennan Manning. Manning argues that Jesus’ gospel was one . For more than 15 years, Manning’s bestseller The Ragamuffin Gospel has reminded us that Jesus did not come for the pretty, pious and powerful. Instead, he.

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Brennan Manning shows us a different, truer image of our relationship with God: My words are written in the blood of My only Son.

The Father is justice and love; the Son is love and justice. The gospel of grace is being confused and compromised by silence, seduction, and outright subversion. We come to Him as ragamuffins—dirty, bedraggled, and beat-up.

As Thomas Merton put it, “A saint is not someone who is good but who experiences the goodness of God. My personal experience of the relentless tenderness of God came not from exegetes, theologians, and spiritual writers, but from sitting still in the presence of the living Word and beseeching Him to help me understand with my head and heart His written Word.

Just enter your email below! It seeks truth in all its complexity. Consequently all we can do is pretend to believe we have been forgiven. The tenor of our lives becomes one of humble and joyful thanksgiving. Oct 06, Pages. Even our fidelity is a gift, “If we but turn to God,” said St. We weep at the unjustified destruction of the unborn.


Aug 19, Pages. Augustine, “that itself is a gift of God. When Scripture, prayer, worship, ministry become routine, they are dead. Please try again later. We assume we have to do more, or be a different person, for God to be pleased with us. It is magnificent in its simplicity and depth and honesty and gratefulness and worship. I am God, not man. Jun 28, Pages. Yet, they kept coming back to Jesus. Manning argues that Jesus’ gospel was one of grace, and that efforts to earn salvation are impossibly misguided.

About The Ragamuffin Gospel Are you bedraggled, beat-up, burnt-out? All that is good is ours not by right but by the sheer bounty of a gracious God. We can recognize our poverty and powerlessness as what bring us closer to a God whose love embraces us no matter what.

Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now. You are not a disappointment to God. For grace proclaims the awesome truth that all is gift. Did we also weep when the evening news reported from Arkansas that a black family had been shotgunned out of a white neighborhood.

The lying slogans of the fixers who carry religion like a sword of judgment pile up with impunity. You’ll be directed to the free books ragamuffln page.

The Ragamuffin Gospel Quotes

When Jesus said, “Come to me, all you who labor and are heavy burdened,” He assumed we would grow weary, discouraged, and disheartened along the way. These words are a touching testimony to the genuine humanness of Jesus. Jun 28, Pages Buy. In this anniversary edition, we find the timeless wisdom of a man who came to God needy and desperate again and again and found a peace that defined his life, his relationships, and his career.


The Ragamuffin Gospel Quotes by Brennan Manning

As a result, our whole spiritual life is pseudo repentance and pseudo bliss. When we laud life and blast abortionists, our credibility as Christians is questionable. We proclaim how precious each life is to God and should be to us. This is the joy of the gospel.

The Ragamuffin Gospel – Wikipedia

I am trusting and suspicious. Revoke the licenses of religious leaders who falsify the idea of God. It requires a strong sense of our redeemed selves to pass up the opportunity to appear graceful and good to other persons. Manninf ragamuffins everywhere gather as a confessing Church to cry out in protest. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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The legalists can never live up to the expectations they project on God. It obliterates the two-class citizenship theory operative in many American churches. We have been given God in our souls and Christ in our flesh. Images touch hearts and awaken imaginations.

Trust at the mercy of the response it receives is a bogus trust. Views Read Edit View history. Only Jesus Christ sets us free from indecision.

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