This system is used by Bolex Rex 16mm cameras. Most light .. Please read manual and complete written portion of test prior to operational proficiency. Bring. Manual for the Bolex 16mm Reflex 5 camera equipped with external film magazine. Original Bolex H16 Reflex Instructions Manual. bolex-hreflex- Motion Picture Camera Manuals – Download them Free! Got a paper manual? Send it in, and we’ll scan and PDF it! Especially interested in any Bolex technical .

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That doesn’t mean there aren’t certain items that are less common that others, or more highly desired; an Auto Cine or 35mm Cine Bol could certainly be considered rare. In other words, just because someone says it doesn’t necessarily make it true.

Bolex Collector | Frequently Asked Questions

H J cameras appear on eBay occasionally, but as it only has a shaft for the attachment of 1: Also, many University film departments have models of varying age and condition available to students. If the plate is wide and colored black with two polished metal vertical lines, bokex a reflex camera. It’s much more convenient, I think. Just don’t forget to describe your auction item and condition in your own words, to the best of your knowledge.

Although the H and H-8 reflex cameras both use c-mount lenses, they are not interchangeable.

I check eBay every day like a morning newspaperbut don’t often bid on stuff. So, I purchased this domain and finally got around to publishing it in The easiest and most fool-proof method if the camera is a H model is to look at the fixed turret carrier plate it’s attached to the front of the camera body, onto which the rotating turret disc is mounted.


Click here for a general overview of the different models, or browse individually through the Camera Section. H reflex cameras require “RX mount” lenses for focal lengths of 50mm or less. I kept boleex to it over the years, until I realized it would never really be “finished”.

Motion Picture Camera Manuals – Download them Free!

There are quite a few eBay boelx concerning auction listings, so if you’re in doubt, it’s always best to simply write your own description. I often get email requests from people interested in selling a Bolex camera or projector that once belonged to a friend or relative. The time period this website covers, in respect to Bolex cameras, is mostly limited to the Paillard era.

Sources for 16mm, double run 8mm manjal Super 8 film stock and processing can be found on the Links page. The words “rare bolex” are often used in auctions. Howeverquestions regarding the value of an item are best answered by looking on eBay. I’ve burned film on projectors that failed to transport the film when switched to a different speed an with a faulty motorbut mwnual otherwise never had problems with ruined or scratched film. Please refrain from using images on this site in your auction listings; per eBay rules, it’s fraudulent and could be misleading.

It is not a camera model, but rather an inscription on the front of a trifocal viewfinder that manul used to identify the default focal length setting You may also see an “H8-F I’m always happy to answer questions or offer advice on selling equipment. Well, 16mmm eBay auction once stated that the Virgin Mary was visible in a grilled cheese sandwich. No, I’m just a collector and user of cameras. Return to index Q: On non-reflex cameras, there are several methods for determining the difference.


H16RX seems to be the preferred term in the UK, and perhaps other countries. I do appreciate the fact that you may have found the information on my site useful enough to quote.

Serial numbers for Paillard-Bolex bolxe and projectors are used to determine the year of manufacture. As such, this website doesn’t attempt to place a value on any item. Yes, check the Links page under “Service and Repair”.

Bolex, Eyemo, Arri and Other Camera Manuals – 16mm 35mm – Free Downloads!

The Bolex 16 Pro was a professional camera designed for television news coverage and studio work. Except for the earliest projectors which seem to be the most desired for collectorsthey’re relatively inexpensive.

Some users even suggest using tinfoil, stacks of metal washers or springs as 16,m conductor.