GangfightGames is raising funds for Blackwater Gulch: Minions & Monsters on Kickstarter! Blackwater Gulch is a Western Horror Skirmish. Gangfight Games have announced that they have just sent off the new rulebook for Blackwater Gulch to the printers, and have shared the cover art we can. Gangfight Games. likes. Gangfight Games specializes in fast and fun tabletop battle games, such as Blackwater Gulch and Mechadrome.

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You may increase your pledge amount to cover any other additional gjlch you would like to add, such as minion or monster packs, starter packs, rules or additional solo miniatures. Check it out at www. Kickstarter is not a store. Note that they may seem a bit taller due to the optional base inserts shown.

You will receive one 1 Minion Pack or Monster miniature of your choice. Shipping costs will depend upon your location, and costs are based on weight. If you would like to receive any of these items, just increase your pledge to cover the costs uglch below. This includes a rulebook, loot cards, 4 faction starter sets, all minion and monster packs, and all 2nd edition solo miniatures. Jeb Williams Henchman Brother Vinni.

Share this project Done. Blackwater Gulch is a Western Horror Skirmish Game, set in a late ‘s alternate world where things certainly do go bump in the night.


Blackwater Gulch

Susana la Loba Henchman Brother Vinni. Gramps Fillickson Prospector Ian Mountain. Ships to Anywhere in the world. Blackwqter the Newcomer pledge above, but at this level you will receive one Hardcover Blackwater Gulch rulebook, one deck of Loot Cards, all four faction Starter Packs and six Minion or Monster Packs of your choice.

Calvin’s Commentaries: Blackwater Gulch

In preparing to write this I looked back and noted it was five years ago I first reviewed this game. You will receive 6 Hardcover Blackwater Gulch blackawter, 6 decks of Loot Cards, 4 copies of each of our 4 faction starter packs total of 16and 12 Minion or Monster packs in any combination you choose. It shook under a strong wind, groaning with each shake, but like its owner, it had stood against time and the elements.

Shipping, especially internationally, will always have issues to deal with. Learn more about accountability.

For retail stores only! Howard Lovecraft and the Three Kingdoms. They have taken a game which can still be a pure western skirmish game, the lawful posse after the low down, rotten bandits, filling a great niche in miniature gaming for someone who grew up a fan of Bonanza, Gunsmoke and the original The Magnificent Seven.

Now your brave cowboys can take on werewolves, and undead critters and nasty witches. This includes a rulebook, loot cards, 4 faction starter sets, all minion and monster packs, blwckwater all 2nd edition solo miniatures.


Blackwater Gulch: Minions & Monsters by GangfightGames — Kickstarter

Sam Winston Blackwatter Bob Naismith. We bblackwater and hope that we have the bugs worked out and now can proceed with a campaign structure that will fit for us going forward, to help fund new and cool miniatures for Blackwater Gulch and other future gameworlds. Lily Doctor Steve Eserin. Please note these are prices are just guesses and could change by the time we are ready to ship, but we will always do our best to make shipping as easy and affordable as possible.

Calvin’s Commentaries: Blackwater Gulch – First Comics News

Estimated delivery Dec Instead, you will be able to pay for shipping separately in our Pledge Manager after the campaign ends. No one knew of this, of course, save for the local tribes who were exterminated or driven off over time. I fully enjoyed the game back then when it was a purely western-themed miniature skirmish game. Support Select this reward. Check out the FAQ. But they have added a mash-up horror theme to the latest book. You will receive one 1 Solo Miniautre of your choice. You will receive one 1 Minion Pack or Monster miniature of your choice.