and relative to the issuance of Certificate of Value-Added Tax Withheld at September 16, , Amends the Revenue Regulations governing the. RR – Free download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for Secrets to Prevent BIR Audit and Eliminate Tax Assessments. Executive Orders ยท BIR Issuances RR No. , Further amends Section 9 of Revenue Regulations No. relative to the certain provisions of RR No. , as amended, to implement further amendments pursuant to RA No.

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In general, the relationship of the employer and employee exists when the person for whom services were performed has the right to control and direct the individual who performs the services, not only as to the result to be accomplished by the work but also as to the details and means by which the result is accomplished. Verification er Returns and Statement.

Defers the implementation of the amendatory provisions introduced by RR No. Amends certain provisions of RR No.

Revenue Regulation

B In general, taxes shall be withheld from the wages of the wife in accordance with the schedule for a married person without any qualified dependent.

L, married, whose wife is also employed, with two dependent children.

Bit the requirement for non-resident citizens, overseas contract workers and seamen to file information returns on income derived from sources outside the Philippines.

In case of failure to file the Exemption Certificate together with dr attachments, the employer shall withhold the taxes biir on the reported personal exemptions existing prior to the change of status and without reflecting any change.

However, sale of goods and services to the government subject to VAT shall be subject to withholding pursuant to Sec. A In re, any juridical person, whether or not engaged in trade or business; B An individual, with respect to payments made in connection with his trade or business.

However, the monetized value of unutilized vacation leave credits of ten 10 days or less which were paid to the employee during the year are not subject to income tax and to the withholding tax. Fix the compensation level as follows: In general, services of a household nature in or about a private home include services rendered by cooks, maids, butlers, valets, laundresses, gardeners, chauffeurs of automobiles for family use.

Prescribes the regulations to implement the compromise settlement of internal revenue tax liabilities of taxpayers with outstanding receivable accounts and disputed assessments with the Bureau. The fourth copy shall be the file copy of the withholding agent.


However, such person shall not 2-988 entitled to a reward, should no revenue, surcharges or fees be actually recovered or collected nor shall apply to a case already pending or previously investigated or examined by the Commissioner or any of his deputies or agents or examiners, or the Secretary of Finance or any of his deputies or agents.

Any person paying compensation on behalf of a non-resident alien individual, foreign partnership, or foreign corporation which is not engaged in trade or business within the Philippines is 2-998 to all provisions of law and regulations applicable to an employer. The same tax treatment shall apply to Filipinos employed and occupying the same as those of alien employed by these multinational companies.

Prescribes the implementing guidelines on the revised tax rates on alcohol and tobacco products pursuant to the provisions of Republic Act No. B’s work is irregular and he spends, the greater part of two days in completing the work.

If the tax has actually been withheld at source, a credit or a refund shall be made to the recipient of the income even though such withheld tax has not 22-98 paid to the government by the employer.

On June 1,he filed his resignation effective June 30, His gross income includes salaries, wages, annuities, compensation, remuneration and other emoluments, such as honoraria and allowances, received from such contractor or subcontractor. Prescribes the issuance of Taxpayer Identification Number TIN to all taxpayers and qualified applicants and the mandatory incorporation of TIN in government forms, papers or documents.

K, married with 2 qualified dependent children who received the following compensation for the year: The term “de minimis benefits” which is exempt from the fringe benefit tax shall, in general, be limited to facilities or privileges such as entertainment, Christmas party and other cases similar thereto; medical and dental services; or the so-called courtesy discount on purchasesfurnished or offered by an employer to his employees, provided such facilities or privileges are of relatively small value and are offered or furnished by the employer merely bkr a means of promoting the health, bor, contentment, or efficiency of his employees.

Gross benefits which are received by officials and employees of public and private entities in the amount of thirty thousand pesos P30, or less shall be exempted from income tax and from withholding tax. Defines the tax treatment of income earnings and money remittances of an Overseas Contract Worker or Overseas Filipino Worker. Such structure includes sewers and sewerage disposal plants and systems, parks, playgrounds, and other recreational works, refineries, chemical plants and similar industrial plants requiring specialized engineering knowledge and skills, powerhouse, power plants and other utility plants and installation, mines and metallurgical plants, cement and concrete works in connection with the above-mentioned fixed works.


E, his wife is not employed. Implements big provisions of Articles 61 and 62 of RA No. Amends pertinent provisions of RR Nos. Implements Section 21 and 23 of RA No. Amends certain provisions of Revenue Regulations No. Provides penalties for violation of the requirement that output tax on sale of goods and services should not be separately indicated in the sales invoice or official receipt.

Prescribes the rules and regulations in the implementation of the provision on Improperly Accumulated Earnings Tax. The income recipient is still required to file an income tax return, as prescribed in Sec. It is immaterial that the compensation is not always paid at regular intervals.

An individual, performing services for a corporation, both as an officer and director, is an employee subject to withholding on compensation, including director’s fees.

Extends further the deadline for the availment of the Voluntary Assessment and Abatement Program VAAP until December 16, as well as amends certain provisions relative to re coverage and rates.

2018 Revenue Regulations

An employee is subject to the will and control of the employer not only as to what shall be done, but how it shall be done. Fringe benefits however, which are required by the rd of or necessary to the trade, business or profession of the employer, or where such fringe benefit is for the convenience and advantage of the employer shall not be subject to the fringe benefits tax.

Supplementary compensation includes payments to an employee in addition to the regular compensation such as commission, overtime pay, taxable retirement pay, taxable bonus and other taxable benefits, with or without regard to a payroll period.

For January Tax on P5, Provides the penalties for violation of the requirement that Output Tax on the sale of goods and services should be separately indicated in the sales invoice or official receipt.

Gross benefits received by officials and employees of public and private entities shall be exempted from income tax and from withholding tax; provided that the amount of exemption shall not exceed thirty thousand pesos P30, ; ll 2 Segregate the taxable from the non-taxable compensation excluding the fringe benefits paid to the employee.

Defers until June 8, the implementation of RR No. Further amends Section 9 bit Revenue Regulations No.