Location, Chile. Work. Couch @ Bioprogramacion Chile. Education. Doctor, Bioprogramación Mental @ de Bioprogramacion. 1Departamento de Investigación en Nutrición y Bioprogramación, Instituto .. “ Psychological profile to become and to stay obese,” International. Associations of serum 25(OH)D concentrations with four indicators of mental health 1 Departamento de Nutrición y Bioprogramación, Instituto Nacional de .

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Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. Everything was all right with my mom— she did her thing and I did mine. In fact, recently, in a qualitative study of Mexican-American and Mexican immigrant, the majority of parents described being permissive and allowing unhealthy food choices [ 32 ].

Funding This research did not receive and specific grant from funding agencies in the public, commercial or not-for-profit sectors. Volumen 1 de 2 Spanish Edition 24 Dec In three cases, the mothers were widows or single and had to migrate to other cities while their daughter stayed with the grandparents.

I never even saw her… but I would have preferred that she was close to me. Additionally, six mothers, four fathers, and four partners of the pregnant girls of the group were interviewed.

Family context and individual situation of teens before, during and after pregnancy in Mexico City

In some cases, this was due to the heavy workload of their partner who was away long hours of the day or even for weeks at a time. When parents have such pessimistic expectations it is not surprising that they end up being fulfilled. Another perspective is based on the individual, taking into account their knowledge, attitudes, perceptions and behaviours, as well as the family structure and social support network.

Accessed 15 Nov Indigenous adolescents are particularly affected, which contributes to the reproduction of intergenerational poverty [ 7 ].

Dreams and fantasies play an important role in the lives of adolescents. There’s a problem loading this menu at the moment. Pregnancy resolutions among pregnant teens: They constitute an element of expression of sexuality and are frequent and explicit. My mom and my dad studied until high school, but I did not even finish it.

In addition, they scold mothers if their children do not lose weight, although some teens prefer that their doctors speak hardly about consequences in order to understand why they need to change. All jental were menfal, transcribed, and analyzed through grounded theory. Availability of data and materials Data analyses were performed with semi-structured interviews, which are not available to other researchers, due to ethics and confidentiality issues.


With respect to a family history of teen pregnancy, it is concluded that it is an important factor in the family context, and this is probably due to the fact that the socioeconomic and family environment had not changed over the last generations.

The boyfriends were in most cases school or work mates, and some times neighbours. Generally speaking, teenage couples opt for common-law living arrangements because their scarce economic resources allow them to cover only part of their basic expenses, and they cannot afford the costs of a religious or civil wedding.

East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion. It also provided us with a space for reflection so as to better proceed with the subsequent phase. The school would be the ideal setting to implement mwntal programs. Social and familial characteristics of pregnant adolescents seen at a high-risk care module. Children home alone unsupervised: Popul Res Policy Rev. Before any action can be taken, the target population and its needs, as well as the services intended to be implemented, must be identified.

To ensure methodological rigor, an independent social psychologist and two anthropologists participating in the working group listened to the recordings biopfogramacion read over the transcripts several times.

Mariam Charytin Murillo Velazco

Learn more about Amazon Prime. It is just that I was fed up because she did not let me go to parties. The intervention was carried out in primary schools and it consisted of education on healthy habits, modification of distributed food, and physical activity.

This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution Licensewhich permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. Care, Health and Developmentvol. One characteristic that has been documented within the context of the pregnancy in the adolescents is dropping out of school, a situation that was confirmed with our interviews: Patrilineal principles in a bilateral system of kinship: Volumen 1 de 2.

For couples living together, males generally had to work long hours outside the home, which meant that they generally had little time to spend with their partner. Support Center Support Center.


Regarding the characteristics of the family, previous studies [ 2425 ] had bioprogrmaacion that bioprohramacion majority of adolescents having experienced maternity or paternity suffered from the absence of a maternal or paternal figure, which resulted in a lack of attention in the family home.

They stated that they would make their situation work for the sake of their child, and regretted dropping out of school and getting pregnant so young. I feel they pay me more attention to me, even though I live separated from him [her boyfriend].

The protocol was approved by the research and ethics committees of the National Institute of Perinatology and all participants were offered free nutritional care in turn for bioprigramacion participation. Of great importance is that 21 of the teenagers stated that they had sexual relations with the intention of seeking love. Importance of the family and the pursuit of love outside of it Regarding the characteristics of the family, previous studies [ 2425 ] had shown that the majority of adolescents having experienced maternity or paternity suffered from the absence of a maternal or paternal figure, which resulted in a lack of biorogramacion in the family home.

This was also found by Catharine Good [ 40 ] in bioprogrammacion group of adolescents from Guerrero, Mexico, where the majority of adolescents wished to have a family. Another factor was the limited economic possibilities of these young couples. The experience of fatherhood Once adolescent pregnancy occurs, the male must make a decision. This implied an emotional attitude of the boyfriend towards the pregnant teenager and bioprogrqmacion consideration of the possibility of living the experience of fatherhood.

A second chance in the second decade. Themes We identify 4 principal themes Bioprogramaicon 1: Mexico, untilhad a very high prevalence of underweight in children, so then it is also possible that people prefer to see children overweight than underweight.