On November 23, , the Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry (BICI) issued a page report summarizing its findings regarding the February-March . Head of Most Famous Report in Bahrain’s History Meets his End, Leaves Mark on Memories BICI Report Spoke of Qatar Mediation to Resolve Bahraini Crisis. In , the US State Department released a report analyzing the Bahraini government’s implementation of the BICI recommendations.

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Retrieved 11 March Sinceeveryone in Bahrain, whether young or old, knew who Mahmoud Cherif Bassiouni was. List of human rights organisations of national human rights institutions. Arsanjani is a leading international lawyer. Cherif Bassiouni who has led United Nations investigations into alleged war crimes in Bosnia and Libya. Although pressures have eased on the global economy, the slowdown in growth will persist.

Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry

However, only some of the bick workers have been reinstated. Claim rights and liberty rights Individual and group rights Natural and legal rights Negative and positive rights. At one time, he was deemed a mark of condemnation against the regime, and at other times, a sign of the controversy surrounding the truth of what was still taking place in the country.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon called “on the government to ensure the implementation of its recommendations as a meaningful step in addressing serious allegations of human rights violations”. The Commission was tasked with investigating and reporting on the events that took place in Bahrain from Februaryand the consequences of those events.

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It noted that even where structures were illegal, the timing and manner of the demolitions had inflamed tensions. However, he did say in an interview with The Washington Times following the publication of the report that the top six officials at the Ministry of the Interior should be investigated.

The commissioners do not seem to have been able to meet the prime minister during their investigations, although they met the king and the crown prince, and the day after the report was published, the prime minister made a high-profile visit to the interior minister in order to praise the actions of the security forces. The BICI is described by human rights group Amnesty International as “an impressive line-up of independent international experts”. Participating in HARDtalkRajab said the commission was not independent and that the king has failed to deliver its recommendations which he accepted.

One of the commissioners, Sir Nigel Rodley, told The Times, a UK-based newspaper, that the commission had not had time to investigate official responsibility in detail.

Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry – Wikipedia

There are no substantive changes to the report. Bassiouni also stated that all physical documents, including statements vici complaints from Bahrainis and vahrain, would be destroyed when the report is submitted. Cherif Bassiouni dated 9 August, [22] Nabeel Rajabpresident of the Bahraini non-profit organisation Bahrain Centre for Human Rightsexpressed “deep disappointment and regret” at comments made by Bassiouni in an interview with Reuters on 8 August The four other members are Sir Nigel S.


The report also suggested that many of the problems Bahrain has experienced this year could have been avoided if the opposition had accepted the terms of the crown prince for a formal process of dialogue in March.

Commission investigators also looked into the demolition of Shia mosques and other religious structures, which the government claimed had been illegal reporg, and concluded that 30 had been demolished, including five that had all the necessary legal paperwork. Skip to main content Web bot Register Log in. We also hope these developments will be complemented by all sides participating in a successful and peaceful commencement of the National Dialogue.

Overall, the report would seem to be a boost for the crown prince and his supporters in the ruling family and the government, at the expense of more hardline figures such as the prime minister, Sheikh Khalifa bin Salman al-Khalifa, the head of the army and the head of the Royal Court. UK Bxhrain Secretary William Hague welcomed the report and urged “all opposition groups to act on the report’s recommendations, demonstrating their commitment to reconciliation and contributing to the process of renewal”.

Malcolm Smart, Director of Amnesty International’s Middle East and North Africa programme, said, “moreover, the terms of the King’s decree make clear that they will have the authority to carry out a full investigation” and added that “appointment of this international commission appears to represent nothing less than a sea change in Bahrain”. Although Commissions of Inquiry are often created by external mandate, the Bahraini Commission of Inquiry was the product of internal decision-making and benefited from a consultation process with various bodies, including the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.

Book Category Asia portal. Pages with URL errors. The report was welcomed by many international governments. Credit risk Charts and tables Additional subscription required. It criticised opposition statements on “foreign mercenaries”, which may have contributed to xenophobia against Asian workers, but also noted that a policy of recruiting security forces from Asian countries had not helped, and it made a clear recommendation that the security forces should be more representative of Bahraini society implicitly referring to grievances over a lack of recruitment of Shia Muslims.

Bassiouni Commission report is released

The Commission was asked to explore the circumstances and appropriateness of arrests and detentions; to examine allegations of disappearances and torture; to probe allegations of media harassment and other pressure tactics used against participants in demonstrations and public protests; to discuss the alleged unlawful demolition of religious structures; and to describe the alleged involvement of foreign forces and actors.

According to a statement released by the BICI on 15 August, individuals “yelled insults, posted threatening messages on the office walls, sent threats via text and email, and even physically shoved and spat at a member of staff”.

EU High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Catherine Ashton said on 1 July that the “establishment of an independent commission, composed of international members, to investigate the origins, causes and facts behind the many allegations of human rights violations in recent months in Bahrain. The report of the Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry BICIa royally appointed commission of senior international lawyers that has been investigating the unrest of February and March this year, has proven not to be the whitewash that some opposition groups suspected it would be.


The Commission was asked to determine whether the events of February and March and thereafter involved violations of international human rights law and norms, and to make the recommendations that it deems appropriate. The Commission was asked to provide a complete narrative of the events and the context for these events; to describe any acts of violence that occurred, as well as the actors involved in such acts; and to investigate instances of alleged police brutality and violence by protestors and demonstrators against others.

She obtained an LLB On 15 August a group of protestors stormed the BICI offices, having been angered by the inaccurate reporting of the supposed ‘conclusions’ reached by Bassiouni.

It also said that there was no evidence that Gulf Co-operation Council GCC forces had been involved in human rights abuses. Mr Bassiouni has previously praised the king, Hamad bin Isa al-Khalifa, the crown prince, Sheikh Salman bin Hamad al-Khalifa, and the interior minister, Sheikh Rashid bin Abdullah bin Ahmed al-Khalifa, saying that they were more reformist than other family members.

The report criticized the security forces for many instances when “force and firearms were used in an excessive manner that was, on many occasions, unnecessary, disproportionate, and indiscriminate;” and found that certain abuses, such as destruction of property, “could not have happened without the knowledge of higher echelons of the command structure.

US President Barack Obama praised the establishment of the Commission on 2 July and said that, “by providing an independent assessment of what happened and identifying those responsible, the Royal Commission will play an essential role in advancing reconciliation, justice, and peace in Bahrain. Human rights in Asia. The head of the Bahrain Human Rights Watch Society Faisal Fuladwho was implicated in the Bandargate scandal[26] believe that the continued attempts to discredit the BICI are part of a concerted campaign by the opposition to delegitimise the Commission’s findings.

Featured analysis Israel and some Gulf Arab states see common security and geostrategic interests, as well as commercial potential. Journalists seen as being close to the prime minister have also tended to criticise the report and to suggest that it was biased. It will determine its work on its own and without any interference by the government, which is prohibited from interfering in the Commission’s work.

The Coming Collapse of the Gulf Monarchies. According to Article 4 of Royal Decree 28, the Commission’s mandate is to “engage in fact finding”. International reactions Torture Bahrain Grand Prix. The delay was requested by Bassiouni in an audience with the king on 18 October.

Judge Philippe Kirsch is one of the foremost authorities on international