Bhartṛhari is a Sanskrit writer to whom are normally ascribed two influential Sanskrit texts: Bhartrihari was long believed to have lived in the seventh century CE, but according consisting of three thematic compilations on shringara, vairagya and niti (loosely: love, dispassion and moral conduct) of hundred verses each. NITI SHATAKAM of Bhartrihari 1.I bow to God, the self enlightened, the peaceful, free from the bonds of space and time, the infinite, the pure co. Meanwhile he took generic interest in affairs of his state and during this time wrote Niti Shataka. Later on, it is believed that, he resigned from.

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A servant who is intolerant is termed as impolite.

Some organisms are hostile towards another creature without any reason. Memorandum relative to the Seven Cosis of Nepal.

What constitutes a good decision? The great ascetics declare that a life passed as a mendicant is not miserable ; for the mendicant has no fear of loss; he has no envy, pride, or arrogance; he is free from the mass of evils which beset mankind ; he gains his food day by day without difficulty.

Results of a hurried action pierces the heart life-long as a thorn. Abhijana means, in this passage, ” caste,” or, according to Telang, “nobility of birth,” as in Sabuntald: If you are not interested in us, we are also not interested bhartriari you. Our desire for pleasure fails; respect is no longer paid us by the world ; our equals in age have gone to Svarga; our friends whom we love even as ourselves will soon follow; we walk slowly, supported by a stick; our eyes are dim. The belly is a pot difficult to fill: What are the characteristics of Yoga Festival?


In this form he begged bhartrihxri Bali as much ground as he could cover in three steps, and his boon being granted, stepped over heaven and earth in two strides. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. He expressed all those feelings through poetry, which he imbibed through different experiences of life.

I am not an actor ; I am not a courtesan ; I am not a singer ; I am not a buffoon ; I am not a beautiful woman: In the same way a fish gets trapped in the hook on being enticed by the flesh on the hook and loses his life.

Rare are those who engage in altruism all with their mind, voice, action and body. Mahesh Prabhu — Kautilya: King Bhartrihari was particularly obsessed with his youngest wife Pingalashe was beautiful and charming. Who would not respect them? It drops the Universe in the ocean mercilessly for passing on to the shatakw Hog: Yet, I prefer Siva. He must have the bahrtrihari qualities: He, who would lead evil men into the path of virtue by a few soft words, is as good as one who binds an elephant with a young lotus-fibre: Cohabit with co-operative and loving wife.

The Taittiriya Sanhitd says ” This universe was formerly waters, fluid.

Where the greatest peace? What is the greatest loss? Persons purposelessly hurting others goals and taks, the poet does not know bhartriharo to call him.

Historically also, the Gods Rama, Krishna and Vishnu are later entries chronologically.

That is Brahman from which are derived the birth etc. Being contented with natural alms 3. Whenever demons caused great hardships to smaller Gods, Vishshu took incarnations on earth.


Equally amiable friends both in comforts and hardships. At that time Christianity was not prevalent in North India.

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The great clouds full of water maintain a distance. Be firm towards enemies ; be respectful to venerable whataka ; deal shrewdly with women. Even wealth, house, villages, animals all are transitory.

If he has bad people then why does he need snakes? Mahesh Prabhu Vedic teachings emphasize understanding and realizing the Atman also called Purusha. Shatakka sacrificed his pride and served the rich.


Retrieved from ” https: A deer sustains himself on grass and water. The natural disposition, which is the parent of the virtues in each, shatama their highest ornament. You have not borne up the world for a moment, and so relieved the weariness of Sesha. Fate brings forth an excellent man — a very mine of virtue — and in a moment works his ruin.

The Creator has given man, as it were, a cloak to conceal his ignorance: Nneeti article is part of the latest book by U.

Bhartrihari’s Wisdom: Niti Shataka

The dog falls down low before the feet of one who gives him food, wagging his tail and opening his mouth wide ; but the elephant, on the other hand, remains un- moved, and only eats after he is entreated with flattering words.

As exhibited in a series of Articles contributed to the Bartrihari Review. Excess of love corrupts a child. We are not entertainers of obscene tongue.

India’s contribution to the study of language This sloka occurs in Hitopadesa, Mitrabheda, Desire to enjoy exhausted. He tells his mind: Anything must be done after proper consideration only.