Editorial Reviews. From School Library Journal. Grade 7 Up—Fans of Pierce’s medieval Bloodhound: The Legend of Beka Cooper #2 by [Pierce, Tamora]. A sequel to Terrier, Bloodhound continues the tale of Rebakah Cooper. Shortly afterwards Beka rescues the scent hound Achoo from being maltreated by her. Beka is the ancestress of George Cooper, his children and grandchildren; Eleni When finishing Bloodhound Tamora Pierce herself didn’t know yet if Beka.

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Beka has a very good relationship to Gershom of Haryse, who took her family in. A slightly disappointing end to a great trilogy The consistent and believable lingo used throughout this series was also appreciated.

Nov 06, PF rated it liked it Shelves: The ending felt really rushed, the book as a whole was kinda choppy. Four years later Ilony Cooper dies. And honestly, don’t cokper and stupid people often seem to rise to the top in the real world?

Work hard and stay healthy above all, Ms. Pretty much the polar opposite of her reserved, forthright, and honor-bound self. Pierce is the real lioness, and we’re all just running to keep pace. Anyone who turns a hand against an animal is worse than crap! Bloodhound relies too much on the knowledge you gleaned from the first book for it to be enjoyed purely of its own accord.


My main complaint with Bloodhound is the very unnecessary bekka between Beka and Dale. I found that Beka’s book gave the world of Tortall, overall, a greater richness and depth.

I just discovered that apparently I have given some very bloodyound books single-star ratings–except I haven’t. Famed in her day for her service as a Provost’s Guard. My biggest complaint, obviously, was the Tunstall betrayal.

For Your Family Log in Sign me up. It’s a very evil way to use up time when I should be doing other things. No-Skin is a slave that anyone can beat but can’t leave marks on. There’s a problem loading this menu right now. Silsbee eventually dumps her as a partner, and she is partnered with Clara Goodwin and Matthias Tunstall, her former trainers.

I’ve loved Tamora Pierce since middle school. I NEED the next book!! However, Beka isn’t a very good swimmer [46]. There’s always that sneaking worry that things just won’t be as good as I hope them to be when I have to wait years, but this was no disappointment. She made a habit out of leaving her lodgings every day through her front door. Poor addled brained Slapper!

Beka and Goodwin did a brilliant job, but throughout the book, Ms. Beka’s books were great because Pierce showed us this rich lower city life we had yet to fully explore in her world.

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Bbloodhound depart and on board the ship are reacquainted with Dale Rowan, a banker who helped them during the Bread Riot.

I this what really brought this book a little lower for me was the love interest for Beka. Which is a pity. The star rating reflects overall quality and learning potential.

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She also learns How To Flirt, which is a subplot of the book that I have very strong but also somewhat contradictory feelings about. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Apr 30, Libby Ames rated it liked it Shelves: The reader gets the gist without too much struggle. She stepped in front of his horse, when he was riding in the Lower City and told him she can give him the Bold Brass gang.

Mastiff: Beka Cooper, Book 3

Time to start the babysitting detail. The gradual yet uncontrollable effect that the coles counterfeit coins have on the Tortallan economy, beginning in the poorest neighborhoods and spreading outward, is truly horrifying, and Pierce does a good job of making the stakes understandable. She is sad that he is gone, but not that he isn’t in her life any more. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

One that made me weep. However, I guess if one believes in ghost-carrying pigeons and a young woman talking to street dust winds, one has to somewhat really liked the first one and have been waiting for the second installment for a long long time.