Deck Construction Rules. Universe Rules. The Inner Sphere affiliations currently used in the BattleTech TCG are Davion, Marik, Kurita, Liao, Rasalhague. An Inner Sphere Themed rulebook for the Battletech CCG card game from the 90s . While reading the rules and playing the game.. interrupting Schuler in the . Someone’s made the whole CCG available on TTS. I’ve been looking for a tutorial though to refresh myself with the CCG rules and turn order.

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Commander’s Edition rulebook, should answer any question that could possibly come up during a BattleTech game or tournament. General Rulings Faced with a common enemy, the states of the Inner Sphere stand together against the threat. But their trust is fragile, their fledgling alliances fraught with risk. The Clans also vie with each other for the honor of first reaching Terra.

But these internal clashes are nothing compared to the all-out war that rages between the Clans and the Houses. Ivesand ComStar. Victory Condition After the entire effect of a card or ability has been assessed, check each Stockpile to see whether it has run out of cards.

This will typically happen because a Stockpile took too much damage, but might happen as a result of drawing cards, for example. Each player whose Stockpile took too much damage loses; if all Stockpiles took too much damage, the game is a draw. Card Types You have access to the most powerful tools of war mankind has ever seen. This means nothing if you don’t know how to use these tools. Keep a keen eye, because every detail you miss puts your enemy one step closer to victory.

Units The Inner Sphere was divided. Its ruling dynasties warred constantly over colony worlds having valuable resources.

BattleTech Collectible Card Game

These titanic struggles led to the development of BattleMechs: From the 25th century onward, these walking tanks ruled the battlefields. BattleMechs and their skilled pilots changed battleteh forever. Types of Units As of the release of BattleTech: Other Unit types may be introduced in the future, but for now these are the only things that count as Units.

Abilities that apply to ‘Mechs apply only to ‘Mechs and not to other types of Units. Note that many cards printed prior to Commander’s Edition have errata to replace the word ‘Mech with Unit. See the Commander’s Edition vattletech, pp. Most older cards use the term ‘Mech where the term Unit should be. Vehicles When a Vehicle takes damage, roll a die.

On a 5 or a 6 the Vehicle is scrapped. This is true rulrs if the Vehicle says it is scrapped only on a 6. The controller of the Vehicle rolls the die when it is damaged. Battle Armor Battle Armor may not be assigned to attack or block unless another Unit is also assigned to attack or block with it. This other Unit may be a Battle Armor Unit. Once a Battle Armor Unit is assigned as an attacker or a blocker, removing the other Units will not remove the Battle Armor Unit from the mission.

Unit Stats Base attack, armor, and structure are the values a Unit has before any modifications from effects, options, or Enhancements are applied. Base attack, armor, and structure never change on a given Unit. You may batt,etech play an Enhancement on or activate an ability of one of your Units if doing so would reduce that Unit’s attack, armor, or structure below 0. Your opponent may play an Enhancement on one of your Units that would reduce its attack, armor, or structure below 0. If any value is reduced to less than 0, it should be treated as 0 for all purposes except raising above 0 again.


You may play Mission cards that reduce your or your rulew Units’ stats to less than battltech. If an attack against a depleted Unit is blocked, you can still include that Unit in the battle.

It won’t deal damage but can use abilities rulles options, such as those provided by rulee Pilot’s ability or ECM. Attacking a Unit always results in battle, whether with the Unit under attack, with blocking Units, or both. Alpha Strike If a Unit has the Alpha Strike option more than once, it may use any, all, or none of the options during a mission or riles.

If the Unit uses any of its Alpha Strike options it will be depleted.

The use of multiple Alpha Strike options doesn’t provide any additional penalty other than normal depletion. Anti-Missile Anti-Missile is cumulative.

Example If you have two Units with Anti-Missile in bsttletech group, each missile fired at that group would deal -2 damage. Jump If you use the Jump option on more than one of your Units, the initiative bonus is cumulative. Example John and Marsha both have Tactics in play, so they both have a base initiative of 1. Marsha uses the Jump option on one of her Units, boosting her initiative to 2. Unless initiative battlerech further modified, Marsha has lost initiative and must play Mission cards and assign damage first.

Missiles When you use a Unit’s Missile option, you can fire up to the ryles of missiles it has. You’re not required to fire all of them. As with any other option, you can decide not to use Missile and thus fire no missiles. A Unit’s battlftech are considered part of the damage it deals for purposes of Forged Mission Orders, Heroic Sacrifice, Topple, and so on. Overheat Overheat damage is added to any damage suffered during a mission, and all that damage is applied at the same time.

Remember that armor only applies once to that lump sum, not separately for each source of damage. Guarding Units may block normally. Command Cards “We can always find a little something in reserve to throw at the enemy, no matter what the situation.

Unless the card says otherwise, use these abilities only when Mission cards would be played. During a mission or battle, if you play an ability that can only be played under certain conditions, the effect will apply even if the condition ceases to be true.

Unit, Pilot, and Enhancement abilities that say “Play only during battle” can only be played if the relevant Unit is involved in the battle. For example, you can’t use the ability of Phelan Ward MechWarrior unless its ‘Mech is involved in the battle. You may play an ability that doesn’t specify a time to be played: Any time during your own turn except during a mission.

During a mission on any player’s turn during your initiative. Resources Resources must be spent immediately upon being generated or they are lost.

Example Scrounger Crew LimitedUnlimited creates when it is activated. You can’t activate it, spenddeploy a card, and then spend the other. The second would be lost since it wasn’t spent immediately. Enhancements You can play an unlimited number of Enhancement cards on a given Unit or site. If an Enhancement gives a Unit an ability or option that it already has, it gets that ability or option twice.

You’re free to use either, both, or neither of the abilities or options when appropriate. You may also use one, the other, or neither of the Overheat options. Sometimes a site Enhancement is played on a card under construction and that card is later activated. In this case, if the card is still a site the Enhancement remains, and if the card is not a site the Enhancement is scrapped.


Some Enhancement cards let a player redirect damage to those Enhancements in order to scrap them. A player can’t redirect damage to such an Enhancement unless he or she redirects the exact amount needed to scrap it. Example To destroy a Point Defense System LimitedUnlimitedthe attacker may redirect 4 damage that would otherwise be dealt to the site it enhances.

All 4 damage must be dealt during the same attack. Redirecting more or less than 4 damage is impossible though if more than 4 damage is dealt, the attacker can of course redirect just 4 of it to the Point Defense System. Whenever damage is redirected to an Enhancement, the attacker has the option of assigning some, all, or none of the damage dealt to the target to the Enhancement instead.

Pilots Pilots may be played only on ‘Mechs, not on any other Unit types. Pilot abilities apply to non-‘Mech Units normally. See the “Phases of the Turn: Deploy Phase” section of the General Rulings for information on reassigning Pilots. Unique Cards Unique cards may not be put into play while another Unique card of the same title is in play. Unique cards may be placed in the Construction region while a Unique card of the same title is in play, but they may not be activated.

Any Unique card that enters play for any reason while a Unique card of the same title is in play is immediately scrapped. Mission Cards “So there I was, between a rock and a hard place, when suddenly I thought, ‘What am I doing on this side of the rock?

If you’re attacked, you can play Mission cards even if the mission doesn’t result in a battle that is, if you don’t block and something other than a Unit was attacked. The number of Mission cards is still limited by your initiative. Certain Mission cards must be played prior to the declaration of blockers in order to work properly. These Mission cards typically modify which Units can or can’t block.

Although they are played before initiative is calculated for both players, these cards still count against your initiative limit for that mission. This means that you can’t play them if you don’t have a base initiative of at least 1, for example.

Once a Mission card has been played, it remains in effect even if the game situation changes in a way that would make it illegal to play that Mission card. Example If you play a Mission card that says “Play only during battle,” it remains in effect even if all of the blockers are removed from combat, thus ending the battle.

Regions A good field command post doesn’t guarantee your survival, but it does make your enemy pay for every inch of ground taken.

The BattleTech TCG Players’ Guide

Stockpile You may count the cards in any Stockpile at any time. You may not rearrange the cards’ order. Construction Region A card under construction is in play and is considered a site but is not a specific Unit or Command card.