Basic Ship Propulsion” deals with the fundamentals of ship propulsion comprehensively and in some detail. The propulsion machinery inside the ship is . Download Basic Ship Propulsion Ghose and Gokarn. Basic ship propulsion /​ J.P. Ghose ; R.P. Gokarn. Author. Ghose, J. P.. Other Authors. Gokarn, R. P.. Published. New Dehli: Allied Publishers, Physical.

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However, these solutions to the problem of matching engine and propeller characteristics ha.

This makes it necessary to adopt special arrangements for speed reduction and reversing, the usual arrangements being mechanical propulskon reduction gearing and a special astern turbine stage, or a turbo-electric drive. The ratio of pressure force to inertia force, expressed in the form pi! A point on the line generates a three-dimensional curve called a helix. The last chapter of the book describes ship propulsion devices other than conventional propellers Each chapter, except the first, includes examples and problems based on the material covered in that chapter.

The second propulsion device that may be mentioned is the waterjet. Preface ln our long experience of teaching the subject of Ship Propulsion to un- dergraduate and postgraduate students of Naval Architecture at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, we have often felt the need for a basic text which would describe adequately the essential elements of ship propul- sion. Strictly, this is true only if sihp pegative contribution of drag to the thrust is neglected.

Generally, only the gross parameters of the propeller such as pitch ratio and blade area ratio are systematically basiic. The authors are deeply gra;teful to them. The condition for dynamic similarity requires that these force ratios for the full-size body be equal to the corresponding ratios’for the model, Le.: The relative rotative efficiency may be taken as 1.

The result is that increased power is required to aUain a given speed, and in cases of severe cavitation the ship may not achieve the specified speed. Professor Chengi Kuo of Strathclyde University re- viewed Professor Ghose’s manuscript and made some suggestions, for which the authors are very baasic. There is a glossary of technical terms for those unfamiliar with ships.


Basic Ship Propulsion: JP Ghose RP Gokarn: : Books

Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. Certain variants of the screw propeller are used for special applications. When considering the performance characteristics of a propeller in open water, some simplifications are usually made in Eqns. Grazioli, Chairman, and Dr. It is convenient to use cylindrical polar coordinates r, e, z to define any point on the propeller, r being the radius measured from the propeller a. Four Quadrant Open Water Characteristics.

The maximum propeller diameter: I’d like to read this book on Kindle Don’t have a Kindle?

Basic Ship Propulsion-JP Ghose & RP Gokarn :: KW Publishers Pvt. Ltd.

The open water characteristics of a propeller for both directions of advance and revolution, “,foUl’ quadrant characteristics”, are illustrated in Fig. Plotting 7]0 and PI Suip as functions of D then enables the optimum diameter and the corresponding pitch ratio to be determined.

Enviado por Thiago flag Denunciar. Other subscripts have been defined in the text. The radial section takes the shape shown in the figure, and this shape is the expanded section at the radius r. The condition for dynamic similarity then becomes: Limited No part of the material protected by this copyright notice may be reproduced or utilised in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical including photocopy- ing, recording or by any information storage and retrieval system, without written permission from the copyright.

The SI system of units has been used throughout the book, although for historical reasons there are occasional references to the British system. Copyright Acknowledgements A book such as this leans heavily on the work of others, and the authors gratefully acknowledge their debt to the writers of the publications listed in the Bibliography.


If the propeller turns anticlockwise when driving the ship ahead, the propeller is left handed. Displacement volume The volume of water displaced by a floating ship. The values of KQ are usually a little more than one-tenth the values of KT at the same values of J, so that it is convenient 0.

Displacement The mass of water displaced by a floating ship, equal to the mass of the ship. Paddle wheels were therefore gradually superseded propulxion screw propellers for the propulsion of oceangoing ships during ghosg latter half of the 19th Century.

The authors are grateful to the following individuals for their help in get- ting copyright permissions: Lloyd’s Register ghosg Shipping: Chapter 11 deals with some miscellaneous topics concerning screw propellers.

X Basic Sbip Propulsion 6. The projections; of this figure on a plane perpendicular to the propeller axis and on a hqrizontal plane are shown in Fig. Use the open water data of Table4. Thank you for interesting in our services. Any errors resulting from these modifications are the sole responsibility oBhe authors.

Basic Ship Propulsion Ghose and Gokarn

Special measures are necessary to achieve the value of PaM required by Eqn. International Organisation for Standardisation: The distance that the line or a point on it advances along the axis in one revolution is called the pitch of the helicoidal surface or the helix. Sarangdhar, Chief Surveyor, lndian Register of Shipping. Draught The vertical distance between the bottom keel of the ship and the surface of water in which the ship is floating.

Amidships The mid-length of the ship. Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants.