Problem: You experience intermittent slow autorep -J job_name responses. The problem persists even after you rebuild the indexes and bounce. AUTOREP Command: (autorep lists a variety of information about jobs, machines, and global variables currently defined in the AutoSys. Looking for AutoSys commands or a cheat sheet to master AutoSys? Stop your AutoSys Commands Cheat Sheet 1. autorep –w –J –q.

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Autosys – cleaning alerts thru command line. About Abani Mahana I am Abani This is used to view the augorep for the job in Remote Agent if the job has failed. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

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This command would display the host name to standard output. Once testing is done with AutoSys one should change the default refresh interval for AutoSys.

It is also used to get extract job definitions in JIL scripts format. Find all posts by tejasingaraju Total 75, hits Search Search for: This command is used autore; get the machine report. They can also be used to set a global commwnds or to cancel the scheduled event. This command would display the tape ID number to standard output.


Because of this, jobs in boxes do not retain their statuses from previous box cycles. The minimum size of the file can be provided if necessary: Connected with Event Server: How to change a machine name in Autosys JIL. Find all posts by ranga Problem with running the “autorep” command via crontab. This command indicates that a job report is desired. Hi i think commwnds am not getting the exact answer for it. Default behavior for stdout is to always appends. This command would display the host id number to standard output Autoflags —n: In addition, if you use wildcarding when specifying a job name, you could get duplicate entries in your report.

AUTOSYS: Aotosys commands: autorep, sendevent

Inspects the environment variables and administrator settings in the windows registry, then determines the database event server and event processor are running. Autorep also serves as the problem tracking tool by listing out all the relevant event information for the last run of job. The minimum size of the file can be provided if necessary:.

The command can be used to determine the current status of a job its dependencies and nested auttorep for boxes as defined in the job definition, and also the definition on what jobs would run during a given period of time.


Autoflags — Autoflags —a -i -o -d -v -r -h -n Autoflags —a: The autoflags command prints out the version and release number, the databases being used, and the operating system. Email required Address never made public.

View Public Profile for Klashxx. However, once the job starts running, it will continue to run even if the box is later stopped for some reason. While using the command prompt we provide the attributes: Find all posts by Klashxx.

This command would display the release number to standard output Autoflags —h: View Public Profile for dangral. If you do, the next time the box starts the job will start immediately.

When you run autorep on a box, you will get a report on the box and all the jobs in the box unless you use the -L0 option. This command would display the operating system information to standard output.