How does the Audax HMZ0 compare with the Scanspeak 10F for midrange for a HzHz range in terms of sound quality? With the. 21 cm / 8″ PRO Midrange with Audax’s worldwide patented HDA-Aerogel-Cone. Extremely high SPL of 99 dB! Can be used in any HIGH-END application where . We have stock of many of the popular drivers like HMZ0, HMZ10, HMC0, HMZ18, PRM0 and also stock of many rare and hard-to-find Audax.

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Since the Jupiters are a massive mm deep, I could not possibly bring them any further forward which they probably needed. Rick Stadelmaier Equinox Audio – Australia.

Go to Home Page. The tweeter is recessed by about 20mm compared to the mids and is surrounded by damping in the configuration of a 6-pointed star to eliminate diffraction from the baffle.

AUDAX mm bas-mid drivers.

You can find substitute table for old Audax drivers below. If you want background music, get a couple of bookshelf speakers. The Equinox Jupiters are a lot of speaker for relatively not so many dollars. Let us know if we need to take a look at this page or fix a bug.

Diffraction effects have to do with how the baffle surface, including the edges of the auda, create secondary waves “bounced” off of uneven surfaces hm010z0 sharp transitions due to quick changes in the air’s impedance. Triple binding posts Dimensions: Anyway, let’s see how they performed.


Other HIFI speaker units. High quality amplification capable of driving low impedances must be used, so maybe leave the tube amp in the cupboard. Big Bass in Small Places. Accuracy, Distortion, and the Audiophile. All cabinet walls and internal bracing are made from 32mm MDF.

Conclusions The Equinox Jupiters are a lot of speaker for relatively not so many dollars. These are very, very good speakers for people who like their rock music loud.

audax speaker units from

Today the Audax range of drivers are hand-built by a small team of devoted enthusiasts, quality and consistency is very high. The high gloss piano black is quite stunning but you have to have the right decor for it. TWA0 – 25mm textile dome tweeter. Soundstage and dynamics were massive. Perhaps it is not so surprising that the Jupiters are made xudax crank. Each speaker is hand made from scratch, so the same quality processes that they have in place apply to all models.

At 96 dB 1 watt each, this could constitute about dB watts for the pair without the room loading adding any! As quoted from the Equinox literature, “The baffle is curved audwx form a Focus Time Aligned Array, which smoothly time aligns the drivers without nasty diffraction effects.

The Jupiter’s curved baffle is mainly to highlight the time alignment, and in conjunction with the other treatments, eliminates diffraction.

The Jupiters filled the room with energy unlike anything I have heard before. Once this level was brought up to a moderate or average listening level, the Jupiters xudax “woke up”. Female vocals from Tina Arena were natural and well hmm100z0. You are welcome to email for further information. Having such a large area and number of speakers, the soundstage was also very large by default.


These were like a pair of wild horses raring to go. In other words, delayed arrivals caused by non-flush tweeters and sharp corners.

Audax MidRange Drive Units

On the rear, triple binding posts are supplied. I suggested that a lower crossover point might be advantageous for the configuration. If you have the room and want a speaker that you can drive extremely hard without compromising sound quality, I would definitely recommend and audition of these speakers. They deal one-on-one, direct from their factory, and generally don’t advertise in order to help keep their overheads low.

I could only bi-wire them in my tests, so the listening was done with half the bi-wired speaker cables connected to the bass section and the other to the mids and tweeter which were paralleled by a heavy gauged shorting straps.

The Jupiters also have a nominal impedance of 2 ohms so, their minimum would be lower than that.