Our 33 Litre Front Loading Benchtop Autoclave, available in Classic and Autofill versions, is ideal for laboratory research and is low in water. Have a question about Autoclaves, Sterilizers or Steam Generators? Our FAQ page has the answers. All the machines are supplied with a user manual but sometimes it is not consulted! Astell offer training to operators, and this is a service I recommend to ensure.

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ON at the start of the cycle. AMB – Ecofill 33 litres Model: Where a load is suitable for the inclusion of a sensor, and the thermal mass is high compared to the surface area, then Load Sensing can be used to advantage.

Keep it well away from any hot parts of the Sterilizer, do not allow to drape down the front and store in a dry place away from light or high temperatures.

Autoclave service and maintenance – advice from the experts

This is useful for testing or to allow the paper to be changed on Circular Chart Recorders which have a motor driven Pen Lift Mechanism. Can the air ballast system be used to speed up cooling?

AMB – Ecofill 43 litres Model: The operation of load sensed process timing is controlled via the colour touchscreen controller. These are selected and adjusted by use of the “FUNCTION” keys under the display lower edge, which align with the key descriptions appearing on the display bottom line.


This air does not come into contact with the load. In addition to laboratory use, it is not uncommon for benchtop autoclaves to be employed in other areas. The slow reduction reduces boiling over of media. A cycle report print-out includes provision for operator signatures. When the entry is complete the actual title will display normally. It is typically Factory-Set to C.

A standard Swiftlock unit is fitted with heaters in the base of the chamber and autoc,ave ideal for sterilizing liquids mediadiscard, glassware and other instruments. The existing Title is shown on the top line, and each Character of the title is selected in turn and shown in the bottom right – hand corner of the display.

The Astell 120 – 344 Litre Front Loading Autoclave Range

See manual part No. Cycle times are very much dependent on the size and nature of the load being sterilized.

Additional data is also present. Water has been vented from chamber.

This setting will be as required to ensure correct operation. Ours only need a potable water supply. Programming and Controller Operation are covered in depth but this manual does not cover day-to-day operation of the Autoclave itselfLoading or Sterilizing advice. Typically it’s the larger square section autoclaves and machines fitted with a vacuum require servicing up to four times a year. Select and Start the chosen Program. All device changes and signatures are electronically logged and saved in a file format that cannot be altered in any way.

Please contact Astell for further details. G StartDelay The Start Delay allows autoflave delay time to be entered each time the cycle is started, from hours.


Frequently Asked Questions | Astell UK

All three of the Benchtop autoclaves use the same discard container, but have different capacities as follows: The Cooling Start temperature is set in Calibration – see page The time may be manua using the Clock Setting section in the Supervisor “Options” An illustration of Paper Loading is at the back of this manual.

Autoclave service and maintenance – advice from the experts Want to know how best to maintain auyoclave autoclave?

Astell can custom build the Swiftlock range to your specifications. If the cycle is started in error abort the program. What information mwnual I need to provide to ensure a service call is logged efficiently?

The 33 to 63 litre front loading ‘Benchtop’ autoclaves are available in two versions. Fit the roller into the clips.

nanual Does a top loading, non-Autofill autoclave need to be filled before each use? To Cancel the Fault Report Message. Please ensure that the paper loading method described here is used.

If your question isn’t listed please Contact us. It measures and reacts to the temperature of the Inside of the chamber.