source: Function_thtml. The additional_parameters parameter can be used to pass an. List of free PHP web hosting service without ad(bannerless with no forced ad). Free Web Hosting (NO ADS) with PHP, MySQL for domains / subdomains. Including latest CPanel, Fantastico, unlimited FTP, POP3 / Imap EMails, Addon/.

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I have been hosted at this place since it had started and I have had absolutely no problems.

How to display a “wait” page while php busy ?

His choice of moderators is very picky, and only picks those who are really worthy, and admins too. Page Title xstahost astahost. Basically, if you reply to a few topics every week you can maintain your webspace free. Here is how it works: I like their unity.

How to create image in PHP? – Stack Overflow

IF you are already hosted there, you’d see your name too. Posts anywhere elsed don’t count at all, and you have to stay active even after you make the 50 posts. Amazing set of features and services. Very fast and reliable and the Cpanel is absolutely incredible.

I noticed it is astshost getting very high ratings here, but it really is the best free host I have found so far, and before I signed up there, I came to this freewebhosts site and picked out 5 or 6 that had gotten the better reviews, but there was always something that soured it for me. Quite a few reviews here are complaining that whoever asked for explaination from astahost’s admin got banned right away. Good work guys, keep it up. What am I supposed to do there? I have seen some user’s getting hosting before they even reached the desired amount of posts.

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You may need to add the user that your web server runs as astahodt your sendmail configuration to prevent a ‘X-Warning’ header from being added to the message when you set the envelope sender using this method.

For a resller account, there is no way anybody can offer this much true space and bandwidth.

Just been there for around 2 months and I decided to shift to Trap. I’ve find it, it works well now. At that point other Mods and admins of the forum asked this guy “OpaQue’ to “keep his mouth shut or face a total disaster”.

The Support is by the forum. This is the best host i have ever used thier forums are so friendly. Now the question is, who owns this server.

This is the worst free web hosting ever. Asaph k 19 Pph had a problem with the cPanel not working and the admin fixed it within 10 minutes! You end up posting a lot more than that because there are so many different topics. I wanted only show one of my page while server works. Astahost is that absolute best free web hosting. If your machine runs on a linux server.

A lot of downtimes and very slow speed. There is a whole library for that called gd2. The only downtime i experienced was when they were just starting out, and they had to upgrade server due to the number of signups they received they received much more than they thought they would.


When I asked “OpaQue’ to mind his language, he replied “ha ha ha, it’s my forum”. He thinks exe file can be run on Linux -; Downtime is worst I’ve experienced on any astagost server. They forward such people to trap What they astshost is good.

I’m or was an hosted member at astahost and also happen to be a Linux expert. If I ask, he probably will suspend my account. This astahowt is full of lies and has no manners whatsoever.

Control panel is excellent – anyone should consider hosting here just to see the wonderful control panel for once. Which is far better compared to others and also considering them to be Free host.

AstaHost reviews – free web hosting review

Sounds like a nice publicity trick or a cheap way to pull away members. That made me suspicous first.

The simple fact it, they are hosted at gazzin. When I have had a problem, I have gone astajost them and it has been fixed. Only thing these guys are good at is making others fool. They got a terrific uptime. Astahist designed their website should also be admired. Meta Tags of astahost. Host IP Address Country om1.