Complete walkthrough with solutions to the Assorted Nasties mission in The Secret World / TSW. Title, Assorted Nasties. Author, David Harber. Edition, illustrated. Publisher, Desert Publications, ISBN, , Length, pages. Buy a cheap copy of Assorted Nasties book by Warren Smith. Book by Harber, David Free shipping over $

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This particulur species is so poisonous thathandlingit with the bare hands can cause serious, though probably not fatal, poisoning. If kept cold it is reasonably safe to transport but if warm the vapors can penetrate the rubber seals on the containers.

Death can occur up to 14 days after onset of symptoms. Tariq marked it as to-read Oct 22, Their size depends on nxsties size of the screws employed. Ream the ends of the tube to remove any burrs.

Cyanide has one strong advantage over the others, however – when used in a moderately large dose as listed above they 31 Cyanides Assorted Nasties have an awesome knockdown speed.

Aasorted allow its fumes to build up in the work area. Drill until the bottom of the jacket is reached.


The only draw- ack is that the ricin produced is not as pure as the second method. When dry, taste a tiny amount of the powder. The presence of the mold doesn’t always indicate presence of the toxin. A common hy- podermic needle is glued over the mouth of the tube, making sure to have a tight seal. The piston is stopped by the four screws which attach the nozzle.


Assorted Nasties

Pour them into a distilling flask until it is about half full. If you find such a chemist, he may prove useful in producing other needed compounds, if approached correctly. Place the tip of the needle into the container of toxin and release pressure from the tube.

Most, however, are not beyond the range of anyone familiar with proper laboratory tech- hasties.

Angedelamorte marked it as to-read Jun 09, One of the simplest ways of delivering volatile liquid toxins is to use a nasal spray squeeze bottle. You may want to add an anticoagulant to keep the blood flowing. Troy Tobias rated it did not like it Nov 22, Diana nastiss it as to-read Aug 13, They are readily available, cheap, and pocket sized.

Add the acid slowly to avoid spattering and allow the mixture to coo. Nastiea about 5 minutes the effect of the poison wears off entirely, permitting the arteries to return to their normal condition, leaving no trace of the killing agent which precipitated the paralysis or heart attack.

If the chemical are purchased from a chemical supply house, they can provide you with a “Products afety Data Sheet, upon request.

Full text of “Assorted nasties”

The syringe is then emptied in a smooth rapid stroke. Wrap an additional tape strip between the brass contacts of the switch. It includes color plates of the frogs and maps showing their various habitats.


Even with this limitation it is as close to a perfect poison as is available. This corresponds to about 2, pounds of raw fish. All listings are trade names.

It is at least 20 times more toxic than any other species. Iranica added it Aug 13, Refresh and try again. Colchicine is great for small caliber. A speed of about feet per ond is all that is needed to pierce the skin and a couple of inches asxorted tissue. Want to Read saving….

It may be further purified by chromatography but this is gener- ally unnecessary for field use. These seem to fly straighter than those with diagonally cut tips, and it doesn’t seem to hurt penetration. It has been observed that a frog suffer- ing from extreme stress before dying regained the full potency of its venom. It also contains the extraction process developed for the Army should you have a surplus of puffer fish and want the absolutely pure toxin.

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