Asaro Head | Planes of the Head Asaro Head | Flickr – Photo Sharing! John Asaro’s Planes of the Head high-res photos – Polycount Forum Face Reference. Documents Similar To Planes of the Head – John Asaro. Master Studies Workbook. Uploaded by. Vinicius Rossi. Reilly Method. Uploaded by. Jose Benito. Sculpting the plane head brings the plane analysis into the realm of reality. This one is by painter and teacher John Asaro, who has a website.

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He simplifies the form of a head down into the main planes and proceeds to draw them from a variety of perspectives, and to draw them very well. I also found it difficult working with the planes in the Loomis book and became disheartened, but now feel inspired to try making my own head in a manner of speaking!

We use this field to detect spam bots. I hadn’t seen this before. Contact You can write me at: It makes an amazing difference to drawing I think. April 12th, It has gone to meet Arno in the great hereafter. I take it that it shows you the structure underneath, in the same way that the study of anatomy does?

Cheers- Dee at http: Darkstrider yeah that is what I was referring to. By Fitzin in forum Art Critique Center.

If you can, it’s best to ask art questions in the blog comments. Looks like the makeup artists behind the british sci-fi comedy Red Dwarf had Plane Heads in mind when they designed the Android Kryten! But then, if you look at late 19th century French academic work, it certainly appears to be more true to life than earlier classical work, as if an element of realism was being blended with classicism. Hide this ad by registering as a member April 10th, 2. Did this practice help you commit that knowledge to memory James?


The ceramic ones are fairly rare and hard to find.

How does Asaro’s Planes Of The Head work?

To my mind, no one is looking at that question, which addresses the place of art and artist in society. I find portraits fascinating,and am often to be found skulking around the National Portrait Gallery.

If you support this blog, you will feel good and the world will be a better place. There was an error submitting plznes subscription.

The Bargue approach stresses working from the general to the specific, getting the large shapes right first and then refining down.

September 11th, I found that I was xsaro to make my live models fit the planes instead of drawing what was actually there. I wouldn’t recommend it for physical “use” being vintage and ceramic. In the text of the Bargue book, Gerald Ackerman describes Bargue as having a foot in both camps, and attributes the success of the Cours de Dessin partly to this. Log in Already have an account?

Thanks for the info on the Asaro head. Every tye I look at these pictures I want to keep it. Mine was inspired mainly by Loomis and George Bridgman.

Feeling the Form – Loomis and the Planes of the Head

For close-up images you’ll probably want to use the more detailed side, and for longer shots the simpler planes will probably be all you need – in fact you don’t want to include too much detail in a long shot. By the way the idea of not using tools like compass and ruler in making the spheres is seeming to pay off as planex have developed somewhat of a capacity to make them by hand and am hoping to see them improve as i go along….


February 3rd, 1. I can lay it on the floor or put it up on a shelf and draw it from almost any angle. I think it’s a great exercise for any student to come plwnes with their own analysis, and that’s what I did when I was in art school. So what did I learn from Arno, and from his smaller Plasticine prototypes? But at least I got to finally resolve how some of those planes might be made to fit together. Please note New Users will have their posts moderated for a while.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Arno:. Not sure what you mean with the atmospheric perspective in this context I was discussing this some time ago with a highly accomplished artist David Kassan — check out those paintings! How does the mouth fit into the planes coming down from the cheek bone to the chin in the second one?

Planes of the Head – Artist’s Mannequin Head by John Asaro

How many paintings did Vermeer make a year? I had the same experience as you with Loomis Paul, and I too suspected that he first learnt how to draw and then subtracted these ideas after the fact.

I have a vintage John Asaro Planar head that I’m selling.