Tihuanacu: The Cradle of American Man [Prof. Ing. Arthur Posnansky] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. By Dave Truman Arthur Posnansky enjoys a rather ambiguous status in remains of Tiwanaku (Tiahuanaco) and the surrounding Altiplano of the High Andes. T iwanaku (T iahuanaco) is an ancient city whose remains are located over two miles above sea level near the southern end of Lake Titicaca.

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In he published his best known ok, T iahuanaco: Tiahuanacu Bolivia Tiahuanacu Bolivia — Antiquities. This can be proven by the remains of marine fauna found at the present time in Lake Titicaca and in the clays of the subsoil of Tihuanacu.

The accompanying figure No.

Arthur Posnansky |

Jason Colavito has highlighted that Wilcock has even tried to charge for his particular brand of male cow effluent s. It is unquestionable that the great Andean lake formed by the meltings of a glaciation existed in the Second and Third Periods, and that in the previous period this lake was very small much smaller that at the present time.

Many of these claims did not originate overnight and can be traced back to a man named Arthur Posnansky, an engineer and amateur archaeologist who visited the site and did some research on it during the s.

L ake Titicaca is the largest lake in South America and at over three kilometres is arguably the highest navigable lake in the world, shared by Peru and Bolivia.

This is the prolongation of Lake Titicaca in the overflower. Lake Titicaca and Tiahuanaco have plenty of mysteries still to be explained.

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The astronomical angles are, with some slight difference, almost the same as those of the Kalasasaya of the Second Period. In Britt du Fournet published an extensive blog reviewing the range of Atlantis theories on offer. On the basis of the above length and width of the “sanctum sanctorum”, the index of the latter is 89 instead of the 91 of the exterior building of the Second Period.

Since the Guia de Tihuanacu, Islas del Sol, etc. A ntarctica takes its name from the Arthyr Anti Arktos, which means opposite the Arctic. Nevertheless, I must point out that even if there had been some sort of Pole Shift, it does not prove that Antarctica had been home to Atlantis as it posnznsky conflicts dramatically with the geographical pointers offered by Plato. The Sun Door which was found lying on its face on the ground, has been preserved in wonderful condition with all its inscriptions; but its back, and especially the end exposed to the adverse atmospheric conditions, shows an enormous wearing away.


In sharp contrast is the claim l by Roger Elefant that later construction at Tiwanaku was carried out by the Vikings! The northern part rose and the southern part suffered a great fall. As for the author of this present work, as we have already pointed out, his first investigations in regard to the age of Tihuanacu, were carried out around the year In David E. Lists What psnansky lists? In spite of claims to the contrary it is a fresh water lake, but is slowly reducing in size due reduced inflow from the retreating Andean glaciers.

At the present time this spillway is found under the plain, crossing the south retaining wall of Akapana. There are also reports of pre-Incan structures submerged in Titicaca d.

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In the light of this discussion it is very difficult to posnanxky that the culture of man on the Altiplano and the construction of ponsansky magnificent metropolis belongs to a relatively recent epoch. Published October 9, Through the facts expounded in the preceding chapters, it has been proven beyond all doubt that the temple Kalasasaya was a true solar observatory located on the astronomic meridian, and at riahuanaco same time a magnificent stone calendar.

Blackwell Publishers, Cambridge, United Kingdom. EissmannArthur Posnansky made a similar suggestion around the same time. During these expeditions, he became an experienced navigator of it and its tributaries. Portrait of an Andean Civilization. They perceived clear evidence of a global catastrophe in the tenth millennium BC in worldwide myths. Since we have carried out studies on this subject before and after the years mentioned above, we should treat this thorny material anew in the present chapter.

The site was also used as a source of stone during the construction of a railway some sculptures and walls were even dynamited by the construction workersand many blocks were moved and dumped unceremoniously in piles far from their original location.


He focussed on the aboriginal peoples of Chile and in tixhuanaco Patagonia in the extreme south.

These few introductory words will explain to the reader in a summary fashion how the basis for calculating the probable age of Tihuanacu was obtained. The woo is out there UFOlogy. He also described the ruins of Tiwanaku as bearing the traces of a great cataclysm, which he concluded was how the city had been destroyed and abandoned.

Posnansky also noted that the expected alignments of structures at Tiwanaku were offset by an amount which suggested their construction at a time when they would posnanky been correctly aligned with respect to the cardinal points. Arthur P osnansky was a self-taught archaeologist who was born in Vienna, although described as Polish.

Arthur Posnansky

Both words mean ” period of darkness. Ministerio de Educacion, However, we must keep our feet on the ground and realise that while this new discovery may be evidence for crustal displacement, it does not add to the concept of Atlantis in Antarctica.

After being wounded and captured by Brazilian forces, he escaped and became a refugee in Europe. For this reason, it harbored human cultures much before other sections or in a period when the Argentinian territories were still covered by the continental ice which at the present geological moment and for some thousands of years more, has withdrawn to the Antarctic. Translated into English by James F.

See also Introduction to American Indian Art. Fig 21 Now these have the appearance of rough blocks recently extracted from the quarries, some even having decayed or disappeared or there being only scant remains of them.

These were naturally of lower level and existed much before the last glaciation. These 3 locations in All: The average of our many observations of the angle of solar amplitude established by the priest – astronomers in the Kalasasaya of the second period is: Posnansky, Templos y viviendas,p.