Armageddon: The Battle for Germany merupakan buku kedua yang dibaca oleh saya,yang dikarang oleh Max Hastings selepas Catastrophe: Europe . Buy Armageddon: The Battle for Germany Main Market by Max Hastings (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and. James J Sheehan reviews book Armageddon: The Battle for Germany, by Max Hastings; drawing (M).

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The Western democracies wanted to win the war at a minimal cost in friendly casualties, which is not some sort of character flaw. Can’t help but think the message here is that if you want your country to be powerful Interesting read on how the Soviet Union, not the US was the foremost combatant in the destruction of the Nazi empire.

Another area of friction was between Monty and Eisenhower. The terrible statistics lie thickly on the pages. Having completed the book, here is a passage that stands out for me: He has worked from a large body of evidence: Comprehensive germahy on last days of World War II in the Western Hemisphere from American, British, German and Soviet Union perspectives by bringing in first hand accounts from soldiers and civilians.

The reader understands that the defeat of Germany encompassed two fronts and as the armies progressed, so they ushered in victory. They must have been very good at reading between the lines to accurately assess the situation: In war telling the truth is essential not for moral reasons, but because no commander can direct a battle effectively unless his subordinates tell him what is happening: On the other hand, Germans fighting to the bitter end, for whatever reason, be it indoctrination or saving Europe from the Asiatic hordes, meant that they had more time to kill Jews.


Despite those weaknesses, however, there is a great deal of value here. Mar 17, Nolan rated it really liked it Shelves: The partnership of Brooke and Churchill created the most efficient machine for the direction of the war possessed by any combatant nation, even if its judgments were sometimes flawed and its ability to enforce its wishes increasingly constrained.

But on great decisions, however loud his protests, he accepted the advice of the military professionals.

Finishing off the beast – Telegraph

No trivia or quizzes yet. After days in which some senior officers who should have known better panicked, it is striking to contrast Ridgway’s remarks to his formation commanders on Christmas Eve: So I think the Hastings book accomplishes a lot toward filling in th I have lived in Germany for the last 5 years as an expat and have personally visited a lot of the sites Hastings describes in this superlative book.

But what makes the story really come to life is the understanding of the ‘everyday people’ involved: Most Soviet intelligence reports of the —45 period are notable for their common sense and frankness.

Bringing the army home after the defeat, in fact, proved to be a huge task for the new German Republic. We meet Tom Barker, a British soldier captured in who for all practical purposes became a son to the family on whose farm he worked for years; the owner, Hugo Otto, would occasionally share a gwrmany of schnapps with him.


Why did the defeat of Germany, which had been inevitable since the Normandy landings, take so long? The 1944-445 of the last year of the war was astounding for those on the Eastern Front, especially for civilians. See 1 question about Armageddon…. Tetapi,perkara ini sering menjadi halangan kepada saya untuk menghadam isi 1944-45 yang disampaikan Hastings.

Nov 18, Jeff rated it it was amazing. May 21, Scottnshana rated it it was amazing. I like to put little markers where I find an anecdote or fact that struck me. Dengan bantuan kamus,memampukan diri saya untuk memahami apa yang cuba disampaikan penulis. Fanatic resistance was met o Destruction.

The doctors had lost all but six pints of plasma geramny the glider crash. Juga,merupakan antara buku terbaik yang membincangkan tahun-tahun terakhir Perang Dunia Kedua di Eropah.

Armageddon: The Battle for Germany, 1944-1945

Military history knows no year quite likeand if we are all lucky, we will never see another. For those of armageddob who remained, the suspicion was always there. The Battle for Germany, – Get the best at Telegraph Puzzles. I think it speaks to Hastings’ expertise that he–though an eminent British historian–is not shy about pointing out the quirks in the Field Marshal’s character that contributed to this perspective.

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