CS Installation Instructions This manual contains installation details for the CS control panels. It provides the basic programming and. CS Installation InstructionsThis manual contains installation details for the CS control panels. It provides the basic programming and inst. You can examine Aritech CS Manuals and User Guides in PDF. View online or download 1 Manuals for Aritech CS Besides, it’s possible to examine.

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Heavy attacks ‘gross’ level and small repetitive attacks ‘pulse’ count. Exremely useful with inertia shock sensors. When a time limit is required for interior bell then see 2. cs305

Aritech Cs With Battery And Manual For Sale in Thurles, Tipperary from podge3

Spread the load of aritehc bells across the bell outputs or fit a relay and use the auxiliary power output to provide some of the current. The [0] key has a blank space.

Fire Switches with a fire alarm. Hkc Securewatch Installation Manual The Display will prompt for the Language Default prefered.

Forced arming can be achieved in three ways. System returns to factory setting when mains and battery powre are removed. If set to OFF then this output resets when the system is disarmed. The following diagram shows how aritefh RKPs may be connected using both methods. The keypad must be powerless when changing dipswitch settings.


The quick codes are as follows: Display then shows any zones which are open and caused it to alarm.

The keys used for programme selections are defined as follows: Keyswitch fully arms system. Bell Cutout nn Timers Menu Time hh: Reconnect the wires back to the panel and retest. This section is dedicated to providing you with easy access to comprehensive information about the Aritech Documents. Use the [] key to toggle the output polarity.

Aritech CS Installation Instructions

The system will power up in armed state Factory Programme Setting. When selecting [] install remotes, the display will show afitech keypads which it recognizes, for example two keypads: Enter at Keypad 1 the default operators code [0][1][1][2][2].

Zone is inhibited during partguard protection. Will return to its programmed status when you move to the next output. Digital communicator fault input This is a useful test function. See the Programming Map and Programming Functions for operational details.

Resets with disarm or start of entry time. Check that the user code has ‘In’ privilege ‘Code Privileges’ in ‘Users’ menu.


Aritech CS350 Installation Instructions Manual

Use from 4 up to 6 digits with the exception of ‘0’. Enter at Keypad 1 the default engineer’s code [0][1][2][7][8]. Clear after exit Open zones are omitted till the exit time aritevh expired, after which they can detect again.

The load of the bells is greater than the fuse arigech, inserting a higher value fuse may damage the panel. During the entry procedure the entry timeris started which allows disarming.

Aritech CS350 Installation Instructions

Enter ‘Show Open Zones’ in ‘Maintenance Menu’ arittech observe that the zone name in question does not come up on the display. Aritech Fire Alarm Manuals – Manual.

Factory default code for user code01is []. Fire Reset Switches with second entry of a valid user code after an alarm or after leaving the user log. Buzzer Follows the buzzer operation of the keypad. Immediately after you enter the engineer code, keyin one of the digit sequences as indicated in the Short Code List.