The Red-fronted Conure or Parakeet (Aratinga wagleri) is native to Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela. Seasonal migrations, between latitudes as well as. Scientific Name, Aratinga wagleri transilis. Location, Sabaneta, southeast from El Hatillo, north-central Venezuela. Specimen Condition, Live. Proper noun[edit]. Aratinga wagleri f. A taxonomic species within the family Psittacidae – the scarlet-fronted parakeet. References[edit]. Gill, F. and Wright.

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Red plumage may extend over the top of the head to just behind the eyes, depending on the race. If nest inspection is necessary, wait till both parents have left the nest.

Avibase has been visited , times since 24 June By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Captive wagleti should consist of a balanced diet including a quality seed mix of safflower, hemp, some sunflower also sproutedhemp, buckwheat, canary seed and rowan berries; as well as plenty of fruit, vegetables and greenfood.

There are more than 12, regional checklists in Avibase, offered in 9 different taxonomies, including synonyms more than languages. The major distinction between a leaf and a branch of the Tree of Life wagoeri that a leaf cannot generally be further subdivided into subgroups representing distinct genetic lineages.

Diameter of entrance hole: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved 16 Xratinga Aratinga wagleri transilis aka Psittacara wagleri transilis Your sightings No sightings Add to a lifelist: They enjoy bathing and daily bathing opportunities need to be available to them.

Aratinga wagleri

Aratinga wagleri wagleri aka Psittacara wagleri wagleri The ADW Team gratefully acknowledges their support. Avibase has been visited , aratings since 24 June Marcy Covault from Feathered Companions Aviary suggests using a deeper box, either a bootbox or a vertical grandfather box 18″ – 24″ deep. Once a nest box has been identified, all the others can be removed, cleaned and given to other birds to use.


This page is a Tree of Life Leaf Page. The Cordilleran parakeet was considered conspecific. Its natural habitats are subtropical or tropical dry forestsubtropical or tropical moist lowland forestsubtropical or tropical moist montane forestand especially high-altitude shrubland and forest; it is also known to visit heavily degraded former forest.

Young birds have greatly reduced area of red on the head. Aratinga de Wagler Finnish: Extreme e Colombia to n Venezuela Psittacara wagleri frontatus: They can be aggressive and protective of the nest area when breeding.

Please note that some wood shavings – such as pine, cedar and redwood – give off aromatic hydrocarbons phenols and acids that are toxic and can cause dermatitis, allergic symptoms and irritation of the digestive tract. Wavleri a communal aviary, 2 sq.

Red-fronted Conures | Beauty of Birds

International Union for Conservation of Nature. This page was last edited on 14 Augustat This article relating to parrots is a stub. This conure learns to talk quite well. There are a few ways by which you can help the development of this page, such as joining the Flickr group for photos or providing translations of the site in addition languages.

The beautifully colored red-fronted conure is the second largest of all conure species. Aratinga wagleri frontata aka Psittacara wagleri frontata Conurus Wagleri Avibase ID: Bilateria bilaterally symmetrical animals. Other Names for Aratinga wagleri Scarlet-fronted Parakeet. ADW doesn’t cover all species in the world, nor does it include all the latest scientific information about organisms we describe.


Aratinga wagleri – Wiktionary

Can be square or round. Contribute to Avibase Acknowledgements Flickr group Media stats Flickr group members Media wanted Translate Avibase is also available in the following languages: Retrieved from ” https: Western Ecuador, Western Peru Species Research by Sibylle Johnson. Although they are not as noisy as other Conure species, they do have the conure high-pitch shriek that may irritate many but the most tolerant bird lovers. There are a few ways by which you can help the development of this page, waglefi as joining the Flickr group for photos or providing translations of the site in addition languages.

They average between 14 to 15 inches in length.

Species Aratinga wagleri scarlet-fronted parakeet. Seasonal migrations, between latitudes as well as from one area to another, occur depending on the availability of food and suitable nesting sites.

Conure de Wagler

Conure de Wagler nominal Italian: Nominate Waglei and Sub-Species: Some conures do accept cockatiel-sized boxes, but using a deeper box will reduce the conures’ tendency to remove the shavings and lay their eggs on the bare wooden base. It is hardy once acclimatized. W Ecuador and w Peru south to Arequipa Psittacara wagleri minor: