Aquamist Manuals HFS-6 HFS-5 HFS-4 HFS-3 HFS-2 HFS-1 MF2 DDS3. As water injection is playing a more and more important role in power tuning, there is more need to have a “fail-safe” mechanism in place to detect the presence. Aquamist HFS3 – UPDATE installation completed w. picts . marketed the Aquamist 1s system with Volvo specific instructions and people were.

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I like the controlled flow. Originally Posted by marv85 How hard is the install? The MAP has to represent a 3 BAR of pressure range with only 5 volts of signal range so any intefering voltage levels that get added or subtracted from that will give the ECU boost values that randomly deviate from the actual value. There were a lot of cables that needed to be routed to the controller. Originally Posted by cnic Congrats on the kit Find More Posts by tscdennab.

But if it occurs farther back in the compression stroke, in high-horsepower instances, it can easily destroy an engine’s internal components. aqjamist

This is why most manufactures recommend that a 1: I’ll post those up when I have the time. A general rule of thumb is that an engine will output one percent more horsepower for every 10 degrees intake temperature is decreased.

While many of their competitors’ kits use parts commonly found at local hardware stores, Devilsown designs each component to work specifically with each of their methanol kits to provide long-term reliability. Originally Posted by Syndicategt. Currently, aquamist is the only company that uses a PWM-valve delivery method. I have done some good research on different products and have found units that are just as good if not better featured than aquamist.

I was going to mount it by the driver side fuse box where I have the controller for my DDR3 gauge now but I like your idea, the ECU case is temp controlled and since I have a manual there is no TCM taking up space so I think it will probably be fine there. Never run lean, i. No need to claim I’m being overly paranoid either when right after that statement you say yourself that good connections solder and insulation tape are needed.


This is basic instrumentation I’m discussing here and I’m sure the volvo engineers did their due diligence to get all this right. How hard is the install? Not to knock the Aquamist system or anything but why is that most of the people on here are die hard “Aqua Mist” Fans Yes it intercepts the wastegate signal wire.

The tank was installed on the battery side, and the pump was installed beneath the trunk floor, making the install a very clean one. When testing, I used some duct tape to glue the Aquamist nozzles to my windscreen to observe the behaviour of the injection while driving.

And when tapping into a low voltage signal wire is involved you do need to be careful. Find More Posts by dlbrooks E82 i Join Date: We arn’t talking about tapping into a high current 12v buss to run an accessory, we are talking about tapping into low voltage and current signal circuits which makes them easy to mess up.

Chopping, tapping into wiring is not something to be worried about unless you don’t solder, or use a proper connector. It’s almost been a year now. Congrats on the kit This system is a bit more refined.

Last edited by blot; at Originally Posted by bmwe82 Yes it intercepts the wastegate signal wire.

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Product Inquiry Form All fields required. With more than 2 million posts our community is one of the most active groups of Volvo owners in the world. Never run low on coolant and backing off the power once the coolant temp gauge rises past the halfway mark i. Also at high speeds the 5th and 6th gear seems better with improved throttle response and power maybe from the lower IATs and more denser air?


Originally Posted by AcExSpades. Fixed magnetic fields and non moving wires are fine, but its magnetic flux across the wires will generate signals that could cause issues. Find More Posts by marv Do you know what jet you will use? If a single unshielded wire will be used, be careful to not run it near any wire busses that carry quickly varying loads like the coil or injector driver circuits and try to keep it as short as possible. User manual April on: Originally Posted by Eliei.

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I’ve have mine half installed at the moment. I just wanted to let people know that this kind of work needs to be done right because there are pitfalls if its not. I love my HFS6.

Originally Posted by jstro. BMW i Join Date: Welcome to SwedeSpeed You’re currently browsing Swedespeed as a guest. Ellicott City, MD iTrader: Originally Posted by bmwe82 It was really easy with the instructions they provide.

Other than that have fun with meth! Today’s newer, knock-sensor-equipped vehicles are very good at staving off detonation by retarding ignition timing the moment detonation-also known as “knock”-is detected, but do so at the cost of severely decreased power output and fuel economy. Volvo seems to have gone away from shielding in favor of the twisted pair it seems, I will look sometime but if Hhfs-3 remember right only sensors in the engine get it.